RBT successfully delivers Lead Management Solution

Lead Management SolutionOct 23, 2010, Hyderabad. Raybiztech successfully delivered a Lead Management Solution to a prominent Affiliate Management Company. This company helps the internet retailers to discover new customers and enhance online revenue. However, lead management became complex for this company when the number of leads kept mounting. This was the time when it contacted Raybiztech to deliver a comprehensive Lead management solution.

We developed and delivered a comprehensive lead management solution, which is now making our client understand the tactics that are generating better genuine leads. The features of this lead management system are:

  • Powerful lead processing engine
  • Flexible, scalable, reliable and accurate with multi-threaded processing,
  • Scalable to process millions of leads per day
  • Ability to define custom lead capture and lead allocation rules
  • APIs available for all platform for easy integration
  • Capture data via Form Post, query string or XML.
  • Scrubbing Leads Against Do Not Call and Housing Database
  • Priority and round-robin style data distribution
  • Custom data capture fields
  • Automatically generate posting instructions
  • Data response to affiliates/consumers and Send email auto responders to consumers
  • Live Reports and Management Dashboard
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