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Digital Transformation Adoption & Stages

The three key areas where digital transformation needs to happen are in:

Customer Experience

The focus is to drive revenue growth by understanding the customer and providing transformational experiences in the areas of customer service, product features and delivery, marketing.

Operational Processes

The focus is to reduce operating costs by streamlining and automating business processes, worker enablement and performance management.

Business Model

The focus is survival, how can the organization prepare for eventual changes that are going to happen, by offering digitally enhanced or digitally native business models, products & distribution.

Causes for low adoption in the past:

Causes for low adoption in the past:

  • Lack of understanding of business benefits that technology can deliver across end-to-end value chains
  • Lack of guidance on the inherent abilities of technologies and how these can be integrated and institutionalized in their businesses
  • Resistance to incurring upfront investment-related costs to implement technology
  • Lack of skilled manpower to manage technology

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Why Digital Transformation is essential

With the escalating adoption and use of technology not only by businesses but more so by consumers, the market requirements and demands constantly change as well.

With these changes in behavior, a digitally transformed organization is better prepared to not only capitalize on these changes but be the ones to usher in these changes thereby being able to reap the benefits faster.

Organizations that are not ready for these changes, as is typical in any consumer behavior change, must evolve fast or risk being driven to obscurity.

What Exactly is Digital Transformation ?

Digital transformation is the process of transforming an organization with the focus on:

  • Creating business value
  • Continually transforming customer experiences
  • Leveraging technology
  • Being an agile organization

Digital Transformation Selection Process

Even though you can embark on a digital transformation by yourself, it would help if you partner with organizations that can help you accelerate the transformation. Some key areas to look for:

  • Customer centric – they focus on you and your customers needs
  • Digital Strategy – guide you in crafting YOUR digital strategy
  • Human Transformation – assessing your human transformation needs before technology needs
  • Metrics and KPIs – have key metrics and APIs you can measure your digital transformation initiatives
  • Technology Partners – have different technology partners that can be leveraged to meet your digital strategy

Why Digital Transformation with Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ray Business Technologies has been leading many Digital Transformation initiatives with leading enterprises in the world. Raybiztech has also conducted various workshops, seminars and webinars to help companies to embark on Digital Transformation journeys.

Raybiztech’s Partner & CTO, Eugene Paden, With over 25 years of technology experience, has been creating, delivering and implementing Digital transformation solutions aligned with business strategies and objectives, improving business performance and revenue generation.

He leads the Digital Transformation Practice and his team is highly accomplished in conducting research, understanding business needs, and delivery. Mr. Eugene is passionate about managing teams and providing targeted training and development for optimal enterprise performance and increased productivity.

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