Ray Business Technologies 11 years celebration

Life at Raybiztech

We make every day special

We believe in well-balanced individuals who are ready to make a difference in many ways. We are not only great managers, developers, testers or editors, but also amazing artists, adventurers, musicians and dancers. Raybiztech's workspace is designed to promote productivity and harmony, where there is something for everyone. We always come up with new ways to engage people and spread happiness.

We always encourage our associates to share their ideas, voice their concern or ask questions. We create environment that encourage knowledge sharing, relationship building and team- based activities. We encourage and support our associates in volunteering and taking part in corporate social responsibility activities.

Rewards and Recognition

Raybiztech recognizes and rewards associates who have delivered excellent performance or demonstrated accomplishment in leadership, teamwork or individually.


Every year, Raybiztech hosts an Annual Award ceremony where a number of awards are presented. This award ceremony is held every year to recognize and reward those associates, who have made unparalleled contribution towards the success of the organization.


Service Award Facilitation is to reward those associates, who have dedicated more than five years of continuous service to Raybiztech. The associate will receive a certificate of service and a gift voucher of INR 25,000 as a mark of their outstanding loyalty and to go beyond the call of duty.


Raybiztech recognizes the efforts of its associates, and felicitates individuals and teams excelling across multiple assignments. The company declares a bonus upon successful completion of project and accomplishment of client satisfaction.

Benefits at Ray Business Technologies

The personality development program at Raybiztech is an interactive program, offering our associates both professional and personal development. Besides providing opportunities to learn through training, the personality development program enhances and grooms one's inner and outer self and brings about a positive change. This process encompasses boosting confidence, communication and language speaking capabilities and adding grace and style to the way one looks, walks and talks. 

Raybiztech provides technical training to all its associates based on the project and training requirements identified in the review. The technical training program delivers training, assessment and consultation to boost and refresh associate skills and knowledge on the latest software development tools, operating systems and enterprise ready applications.

Effective communication is a key leadership competency. Ray Business Technologies provides communication skills training to all its associates. Ray Business Technologies offers a variety of programs ranging from improving English language abilities to influencing, inspiring, and engaging clients, peers, and team members through communication.

Gratuity is a component of salary offered by Ray Business Technologies to the associates for the services offered to the company. It is one of the retirement benefits and defined benefit plan to the associate after leaving the job of 5 years continuous service.

An exciting work environment, high level of accountability and empowerment where each associate is involved in company's business decisions through onsite work opportunities are a big takeaway at Ray Business technologies.

Raybiztech provides drop facility to all the associates working in night shifts. The range of cab facility service is within the city limits of Hyderabad.

Raybiztech Glimpses

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