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We make everyday special

We are not only great managers, developers, and testers but also amazing artists, adventurers, musicians and dancers. At Ray Business Technologies, we develop new ways to engage people and spread happiness.

We always encourage our associates to share their ideas, voice their concerns or ask questions. We create an environment encouraging knowledge sharing, relationship building and team-based activities. In addition, we encourage and support our associates in volunteering and participating in corporate social responsibility activities.

Rewards and Recognition

At Ray Business Technologies, we believe in celebrating the outstanding achievements and unwavering dedication of our associates. Each year, we host an Annual Award Ceremony to honor those who have made significant contributions to our company's success


Annual Day Celebrations

Annual Day at Ray Business Technologies is a vibrant celebration of our achievements and a testament to our strong community spirit. This event brings together associates and clients on a single platform to reflect on our journey and celebrate our milestones.

Benefits at Ray Business Technologies


Soft Skills Training

The personality development program at Ray Business Technologies is interactive, offering our associates professional and personal development. Besides providing opportunities to learn through training, the personality development program enhances and grooms one's inner and outer self and brings about positive change. This process encompasses boosting confidence, communication and language-speaking capabilities and adding grace and style to how one looks, walks and talks.

We provide soft skills training to the associates to improve and focus on communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. The soft skills training enables our associates to think out-of-the-box.

Technical Training

Ray Business Technologies provides technical training to all its associates based on the project and training requirements identified in the review. The technical training program delivers training, assessment and consultation to boost and refresh associate skills and knowledge on the latest software development tools, operating systems and enterprise-ready applications.

OnSite Opportunities

A stimulating work atmosphere at Ray Business Technologies is characterized by a high degree of responsibility and empowerment, with each associate actively participating in the company's swift expansion. One of the significant benefits at Ray Business Technologies is the abundance of onsite work opportunities, providing associates with numerous chances to gain valuable experience.

Work Life Balance

Attaining a work-life balance can be difficult, as maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between home and office responsibilities is often a challenge. To support our associates, we offer flexible working hours, encourage managers to prioritize outcomes over time spent, and organize regular team-building activities that are enjoyable and engaging.

Promoting Diverse work Culture

At RBT, we champion diversity by cultivating an environment in which associates of all genders, cultures, and nationalities can demonstrate their abilities and excel in their performance.


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