Raybiztech delivers B2C site to Natural Vitamins Laboratories

Natural Vitamins LaboratoriesNatural Vitamins Laboratories is an industry leading manufacturer of health and wellness care solutions. Their products include a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements, multi-vitamins, minerals, herbs Established in 1993, Natural Vitamins Laboratories is committed to provide the lifelong benefits of sound nutrition and wellness practices. NVLabs manufactures Vitameal vitamins, supplements and wellness products to the highest standards of potency and purity.

NVLabs B2C site, www.nvlabs.net, is basically an e-commerce website, focusing on selling products. In order to provide more information on its excellent line of products and the Company, NVLabs Management developed a B2B website, www.nvlabs.com, seamlessly integrated with their b2c site for online selling. The new website is:

  • A pleasant, intuitive and usable Interface design that will communicate brand & purpose of the company and products
  • Enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the content and website
  • Re-usable Information Architecture
  • Interactive Navigation and Forms for Submitting RFQ/Feedback/Contact Request
  • Web 2.0 look & feel and elements
  • Compliant to W3C Standards
  • Site level Search Engine Optimization
  • Integration with Social Media (Links to NVLabs social media sites)
  • Easy to maintain site
  • New Initiative/Highlights
  • Centralized location for all News/Events (Media Room)
  • Congenial Look and Feel across website
  • Corporate Contact Details for Clients/Investors

Visit: www.nvlabs.com

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