RBT attends CMSWire's Digital Customer Experience (DX) Summit at Chicago, USA


November 14-16. Chicago, USA. Raybiztech, the leading IT Services and Solutions provider, attended Digital Experience (DX) Summit, which was held in Chicago, USA. Digital Customer Experience (DX) Summit was a three-day event sponsored by CMSWire to enable marketers and technologists accomplish first-rate digital customer experience. 

DX Summit witnessed a gathering of digital experience specialists from CMOs to CDOs to MarTech integration gurus. Raybiztech team got a great opportunity to rub shoulders with thought leaders, decision makers, analysts and practitioners, who are engaged in designing and delivering innovative digital and customer experience.

The speakers of the Digital Experience (DX) Summit included Josh Aberant, CMO of SparkPost, Jen Adamski-Torres, Digital Producer of Tahzoo, ElieAuvray, Co-Founder & CEO of Jahia Solutions Group, Andrew Beale, Partner of Optimity Advisors, Anita Brearton, Co-founder & CEO of Cabinet M.

The summit's format was structured to maximize networking and learning with a time efficient interactive knowledge-sharing format. It was both fun and informative and provided the maximum networking opportunities by giving presenters and attendees equal chance to contribute. Throughout the program there were panel discussions, networking sessions, case studies and much more that enabled the Raybiztech team to discover the technologies, strategies and thought leadership, which deliver game-changing digital experiences. 

About Raybiztech

Raybiztech is a leading IT Services and Solutions company providing high-tech IT solutions to businesses across the world.Some of the services offered by Raybiztech include Enterprise Solutions, IT services, Testing and Quality Assurance services, IT Infrastructure Management and Cloud Computing to companies in diverse verticals.

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