Rich visualizations, innovative and interactive dashboards for website traffic analysis


Analyzing the website traffic data as it contains the following fields,
  •  Country or region
  •  Date
  •  Section
  •  Number of Visits
  •  City
  •  Page 

The below dashboard shows a website's traffic trends by country and number of visits in a given time period.

The below dashboard is about section visited, average time on page and no. of page views.

The geographical representation of no. of visits of website. The different colors of pie chart on map are the different sections of website. Represents in which country no. of visits are maximum and minimum.

This area chart represents the timely trend of the visits.

Number of visits by section. Here the colors represent the different sections of website the people visited.

The page views trend over a period of time. 

Average time on page over a no. of visits, here the colors shows the different sections.

The below visualization explains about how many views for particular page, what is average time on every page and number of exits of each page.

Innovative and interactive Dashboard
The interactive dashboard of Tableau gives results that are dynamic and visualizations that are rich can be created easily.  Documents, web pages and images can be added to the dashboard easily for storytelling.
Easy sharing and publishing
The results after analyzing the data, can be shared with just few clicks. Furthermore, it is easy to share the dashboard that is published live on mobile and web devices.
Rich Visualizations and ease of use
Simple and ease of use by just using a drag and drop features. With no knowledge in programming also you can start using Tableau.
One of Worlds best Data Visualization
Tableau has given business users the features and ability to perform data visualizations which are complex in a simple drag and drop manner. Furthermore, these data visualizations are rich, impressive and very interactive. The user can highlight sections and check charts without much technical skills or assistance.
Mobile Support        
The main feature of the Tableau is the excellent mobile support. The controls that are touch-optimized to view data and visualizations are well streamlined for mobile devices automatically.  Tableau has the higher percentage of users using in mobile devices. With excellent and innovative data visualization tools, Tableau is a successful company. It provides end-user the features and ability to create rich data visualization. Large customer resources and base, impressive integration and excellent customer support are the best benefits in Tableau.
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