Vital lifesaving information solution for leading Canadian healthcare company

Our Client is a registered non-profit, charitable, and membership-based organization dedicated to the well-being of others.

iTag ID is a personal identification and medical information system, which is developed for people with an active lifestyle who engage in exercise on their own but want to make sure that they are prepared for a medical emergency in the event that they become incapacitated while working out. 


This application requirement was to provide vital lifesaving data about the wearer and his/her key contact information in the event of a medical emergency. By calling the toll free number and providing user iTAG ID number, first responders will be told what they need to know about the user in seconds. 

Ray Business Technologies studied and analyzed iTag ID requirements and proposed Kentico CMS for the implementation of the portal. Kentico Enterprise CMS is a leading Content Management Solution provider, empowering enterprises to quickly build and deploy Internet Solutions.


  • Presenting packages and add-on products that are linked to the original product.
  • Data captured and updated in the application to be visible in manufacturing and supporting hotline back-end systems.
  • Navigation through the registration steps.
  • Login using email id.
  • Supporting multiple languages. 


Ray Business Technologies (RBT) developed an application that enables the users to activate a new account; create or update account details, emergency details, health information, and specify engravings for their products that will be shipped later, as well as reset password and Cancel service. 

Kentico CMS has greatly helped Ray Business Technologies in achieving all the objectives of the project. Key elements of the solution include the following:

  • The product linkages are set in a CRM back-end. Web service calls to this CRM were integrated to retrieve and display add-on product information.
  • Registration process steps were implemented as Kentico shopping cart modules, to leverage the navigation offered by the Kentico shopping cart.
  • Data about medical conditions that can be tracked is retrieved from the CRM back-end using web service calls. The CRM is updated using similar calls, with the data entered by the customer. The CRM is plugged into the back-end manufacturing process and customer support hotline.
  • Kentico CMS APIs were used to validate user credentials based on email ID entered, and the user ID retrieval was done behind the scenes based on the email ID entered.
  • Resource strings leverage to provide multilingual support to the site.


The new website has enabled iTag to manage its marketing and customer engagement programs with a much greater degree of sophistication, and fine-tune content and functionality to drive lead conversion and better user engagement.

iTag's new website was built on Kentico – it provides a great user experience and has served to further strengthen the position of iTag as leader of the personal identification and medical information system sectors. The Online engagement with both general public and other audiences has increased substantially since the launch of the new site.

Overall conversion metrics have gone up by almost 20% since the re-launch of the website. Customer feedback on the new website has been very positive, and search engine rankings have improved.

Key criteria for selecting Kentico

  • Readily available REST services on Kentico CMS
  • User-friendly and flexible content management
  • Powerful data migration tools
  • Easily maintainable document management system
  • Faster development—Ray Business Technologies could build the site faster with fewer resources
  • Kentico CMS 7.0 offers all of the required modules unlike other CMS systems on the market
  • Content staging option while working with different versions of the hosted site.


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