Innovative Pimcore Web Solution for Infrastructure Development Company

Hamara Ghar is a professional Home Inspection and Advisor company, guiding and assisting a large number of home aspirants to discover and construct their dream home in the best possible manner. Hamara Ghar needed an Infrastructure portal to make it easier for the home aspirants to submit request for service and finding information. Moreover, Hamara Ghar also wanted to display many more, relevant properties on the portal and manage service requests more proficiently and diminish the resolution time. This was the time when it contacted Ray Business Technologies. By partnering with Ray Business Technologies to create an Infrastructure portal, Hamara Ghar improved customer service, diminished costs, and ensured that customer requests were handled proficiently and quickly 24/7. 


Hamara Ghar's goal was to have a centralized infrastructure portal, which will enable them to provide home advisor and inspection services with an ease. For this they wanted to give centralized access to all the employees, so that they can respond to customer queries instantly. Besides this,  they also wanted to display their real estate property listings, so basically they wanted to create a portal to communicate and display their data.

  • Easy to Use Administrator and content management
  • Content and images security
  • Good user experience
  • Contact form


Hamara Ghar was in a continuous need of updating its portfolio and case studies for enticing more projects. To provide prompt and effective service, it had to bring visibility into the process. Customers had to call many times to get an issue resolved, as administrators lacked visibility into the process. 

Hamara Ghar intended to considerably enhance its customer service by simplifying access and providing accurate and consistent information. Moreover, they wanted to improve how customer service representatives interacted with the customers and resolve the service request at the first instance.


Ray Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (“RBT”) is a leading Global IT Services & Solution Provider, delivering robust, scalable and cost-effective solutions. 

Raybiztech Team conducted onsite Requirement elicitation sessions and workshops with the Hamara Ghar team to detail out the PIM requirements. Raybiztech team showed many demos to the Hamara Ghar team to visualise the end product and to extemporize the Data model.

Raybiztech assembled a versatile team of professionals in formulating an infrastructure portal implementation strategy. We organized a due diligence exercise, as part of the discovery phase to get to know the features and functionalities required  by the company.

The engagement was the first infrastructure portal implementation for Hamara Ghar. We executed this end-to-end project alongside a wide array of functionalities and data migration effort in a short span of  time and within the financial allowance.  


The infrastructure portal developed by Ray Business Technologies transformed the entire Hamara Ghar's customer management process. Quantifiable benefits and huge ROI were realized within a short span of time after the execution of the project.

  • Recording the customers information in a single data base
  • Retrieving the customers information within seconds
  • Allocation of work to staff members in an automated manner
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication

Raybiztech helped to get unparalleled features that include:

  • Configuration of Pimcore with master product data from diverse data sources.
  • Designed scripts for minimizing manual intervention and automated data management process.
  • Integration with multiple legacy systems that include SAP, SharePoint and Salesforce. 
  • Custom layouts configuration to enable role-privilege mapping
  • Designed notifications to notify the users about the important updates to the master data
  • Defining the data structures by ensuring user-friendly search capabilities
  • Utilizing column configurations by setting up customized search grids. 

Key criteria for selecting Pimcore

  • Pimcore provides the needed flexible master data management of product information to efficiently enable this process.
  • Pimcore integrates easily into any IT landscape by its unique API driven and "connect anything architecture". 
  • It's Asset Management can be easily maintained
  • Full fledge Omni Channel.
  • Hyper- flexible data model. Manage all the aspects of each master product record including hierarchy, structure, versioning and enriching master data with attributes, descriptions, documentation and other related data components within the Pimcore data management interface.
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