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Client is the statutory authority responsible for ensuring that employers of apprentices and trainees and providers of education and training (including course and qualification owners) meet quality standards, and that information is readily available to support informed choice in education and training.

Maintaining a register of apprentices and trainees is a legislative responsibility of the Client under the Education Act. Registration of a Training Contract provides Apprentices/Trainees with access to a training wage and employment and training opportunities under a regulatory environment supporting skills acquisition in industries important to State’s economy. There are currently about 100,000 apprentices/trainees in the State.


Client has determined that the current system is a significant risk to the client meeting its regulatory obligations. They therefore proposed to replace existing system because:

  • There are currently unacceptable and unpredictable delays to the registration of Training Contracts and the approval of Training Schemes
  • Data quality has been compromised through heavy reliance, on manual data processing and editing. The current system does not provide appropriate data validation or functionality to safely manage data correction
  • The reliance on manual data and processing and associated errors exposes the client to significant risk
  • Offline data validation and manipulation is regularly required to meet reporting and acquittal obligations
  • Interfaces with other systems require manual data manipulation and intervention to process data into/out of current system.
  • Existing functionality does not meet best practice
  • Reporting functionality is limited and does not meet user needs
  • Current system cannot adequately support evidence based program or policy decision making
  • Security functionality is inadequate given the sensitive nature of the personal information stored in current system

In summary, these factors in combination compromise the accuracy, security, completeness and timeliness of data held in current system, which compromises the Client’s ability to deliver on required and expected outcomes.


The business drivers for the new system developed using SharePoint & Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration are for the Client to:

  • Meet its legislative obligations with respect to Apprentices/Trainees
  • Support the timely and effective delivery of necessary and desirable training and labour market outcomes
  • Position itself to deal with enquiries, legal challenges, complaints or disputes with more accurate and timely data which includes accurate historical records
  • Remove key data issues affecting downstream systems and processes, and ensure the accuracy of data provided from existing system that is used to calculate the funding of external entities
  • Support evidence based policy and program decision making
  • Transition to a supported system that enhances functionality and security and reduces long term costs to support and maintain the system.

Benefits / Business Case

The Client anticipates the following over-arching key benefits to be delivered as a result of the replacement of existing system:

  • Minimization of the Authority’s exposure to financial and legal penalties
  • Greater employment certainty for Apprentices and Trainees
  • Reduced disruption and frustration experienced by small and medium businesses
  • Supported version of existing system application (CRM) with appropriate security measures that are maintained in line with their policies
  • Reduce the maintenance cost of the code base and provide greater cost effectiveness
  • Validate data quality to improve analysis capability
  • Improvements in usability
  • Improvement in operation efficiency in handling legal challenges, complaints or disputes
  • Evidence based policy and program decision making
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