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By exploring and creativity, businesses globally have the ability to outperform competition by adapting analysis and intuitive data visualization. With Tableau you can connect to any data source virtually, to web-based data, Microsoft Excel 1 and corporate data warehouse.  By transforming their data into interactive and beautiful visualization, just in a matter of seconds can be achieved through the use of effective and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
The amazing advantage of Tableau is that a user can drilldown and highlight sections into charts without much skills that are extensive or any assistance from the IT.  Most of the tableau users have selected tableau because of its user-friendly features. Tableau enables you to use high powered data visualization.
Some of the advantage of Tableau includes following
To Implement and upgrade Tableau, is low cost.
When compared to the other tools and software's Tableau is relatively low-cost solution and it's very easy to upgrade.
Innovative product and good customer support.
The customers who are using Tableau are more globally and customer support of Tableau is good and as a result customers are happy globally.
Excellent Integration
Tableau can be well integrated with most of the data types and with big data platforms. Tableau also can be integrated with R and use Tableau to visualize their data.
The data is about product survey analysis for six months.  Customer surveys are one greatest way to stay in contact with buyers. The data contains the following fields
  • Age
  • Age group
  • Category
  • Product
  • Product survey month
  • Survey date
  • survey state
  • Interest level
  • Marketing Expense
  • Number of records

The following dashboard shows how Tableau can slice survey results by state, marketing costs, and customer interest. It also demonstrates the possibility of predicting when a particular trend will start to decline so you can optimize marketing allocations more proactively.

This shows the marketing cost and product interest level and also future trends. The colors in the graph depicts different products. 

Geographically shows the range of interest level by state. 

Shows the trend of interest level on different products over a period of time.

The product interest level for every state in two categories of different products.
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