The top wine review platform in Australia experienced a 20% increase in leads, boosted its conversion rate, improved customer experience, and obtained valuable insights

Client Overview:

Our client operates Australia’s leading wine review website that provides access to over 150,000 wine tasting notes. The website includes a Virtual Cellar, a database of wine information and news, special events and awards, and is mobile-friendly. The website provides information on the best Australian wines, Halliday award winners, top 100 wines, Australian wine varietals, search tasting notes, and Australian wine regions.

In addition to providing wine reviews, the website also features articles and news about the world of wine, interviews with winemakers, and travel guides to various wine regions. The website has a loyal following of wine enthusiasts and offers a newsletter subscription for those interested in staying up to date with the latest wine news and reviews.

Project Summary:

The goal of this project is to create a solution that tackles the core issues while retaining the present functionality required by the business. The new solution should be user friendly, robust, and allow the client to scale and develop new enhancements more easily.

Business Problems:

  • The members of the tasting panel are hesitant to utilize Filemaker since it is complex, slow, and difficult to use.
  • It is difficult to track the evolution of groups of tasting notes as they are prepared for release.
  • The data in Filemaker is inconsistent, making it difficult to create helpful features for consumers.
  • Because there are two record-keeping systems, they occasionally go out of sync. This also means that more manual effort is required to have wines featured on the website.
  • Filemaker has collected a large number of sophisticated business regulations that no one completely comprehends.
  • It is a labour intensive and error prone process to update existing winery listing information on the website or create a new winery listing.
  • The search function on the website does not make it easy for users to find specific wines they are looking for.


Wine Base application offers an extensive solution to all existing problems of wine data being stored on two different systems (Filemaker & Sitecore).
  • User friendly data entry forms
  • Design and implement an approval workflow which keeps track of which wines belong to a particular batch.
  • Each batch should have a status which allows admins to seamlessly publish all wines in a given batch. 
  • Implement strict data validation on the form interface.
  • Cleanse legacy data while migrating to the new system.
  • Uncover the current needs of the business and only build in logic and features that are necessary.
  • Implement a digital workflow which captures information from the winery.
  • Internal administrators can then edit and approve listings to publish.
  • Overhaul the search function across the site. 
  • Predictive search in the header global search

Benefits/Business Case

  • Secure login options for various user personas.
  • Adding and managing the workflow for tasting notes
  • Adding and managing data about wineries
  • Managing reference data
  • Putting notes in tags for batches, awards, etc.
  • Data import and export.
  • Price check
  • Rebuild and clean up indexes.
  • Uploading bottle shots

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