A Central Repository that can Store Personalized Information and Communicate Each User Effortlessly for One of the USA's Leading Scouting Organization

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GSA provides a one-stop shop for core scouting activities: plan, manage, execute, track and record all from GSA portal, and for all troop members: scouts, leaders and parents. GSA is free for all, and invites all troops to experience its green advantages it will be the "greenest" decision one will ever take for their troops.

GSA also helps to create scout-driven portal for scouts to manage their individual timelines, plans, activities, merit badge worksheets and rank advancements

GSA is a great way to have leader-oriented portal for scoutmasters and other leaders, counselors and coordinator to initiate, manage, plan, and monitor all troop activities with complete transparency and clarity.

Business Need and Challenges

GSA vision is to provide a complete end-to-end green scouting solution that is cost, time, resource and process efficient. It’s a one-stop paperless and personalized portal for all scout and scoutmaster activities and planning at all rank levels.

The client wanted to develop a GSA portal which would differentiate itself from other BSA portals by offering with all scout & parent related activities.

This portal would reduce work for scoutmasters with fewer emails, notifications, streamlined planning, troop maintenance, etc.

The challenge was to allow Automatic timeline creation for speediest rank advancements, and other Events/MBs/BoRs participations. In addition, below touch points are implemented.

  • Automatic timeline creation for speediest rank advancements, and other service/event participations
  • One-stop personalized portal for all past activities and future planning
  • A central repository for completed online MB worksheets, rank advancement sign-offs, camping and services
  • A fully paperless solution for MB sign-ups (blue card), worksheet assignments, submissions, corrections, and final sign-offs
  • Reduced work for scoutmasters with fewer emails, notifications, streamlined planning, troop maintenance, etc.
  • One-stop portal for all troop and scout related activities, like scout management, event/service planning, merit badge planning, MB worksheets, board reviews, etc.
  • Automated reminders of upcoming activities: assignment due dates, services, camping/hiking, meetings, Merit badges, Eagle projects, BOR, uniform inspections, etc.
  • A completely paperless portal for planning, managing, assigning, and monitoring troop activities


Ray Business Technologies developed a CAPP (Centralized Automated Paperless Personalized) based, GSA portal using which scout and scoutmaster activities such as Merit Badge assignments, sign-up sheets, Service Hours, Hiking Miles etc.

GSA portal is built on the following CAPP success factors:

Success Factor Key Features Target
Centralization One central repository for all scout, leader and parent materials 100%
One central location for all scouting activities ~80%
Automation End-to-end process analysis and automation for all scouting processes: camping, events, services, MBs, BoRs, etc. ~80%
Reduction in time/effort needed for organizing and planning, reduction in email volume ~70%
Paperless/Online Reduction in paper/printing requirements for sign-ups, sign-offs, merit badges 100%
Personalization Personalized information and communication for each portal user: scouts, scoutmasters, parents, patrols, and all troop leaders 100%

Raybiztech developed a Central repository to store all scout related activities using which the scout and scoutmaster can store personalized information and they communicate for each portal user like scouts, scout master, parents, and all coordinators .We also created a one-stop online green portal for end-to-end scout and scoutmaster activities.


The innovative CAPP Solution immensely benefitted each scouts, scout master, parents, and all coordinators by providing end-to-end solutions for:


  • 100% personalized portal
  • 100% centralized repository
  • 100% paperless
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Online signups for all events and services
  • Online rank requirement sign-offs
  • Online meal planning
  • Personalized calendar for “your” sign-ups
  • Fill out MB worksheets online and submit
  • Immediate MB feedback from counselor
  • Export MB to PDF for archival at any time
  • View your wait-list position online
  • Upload blue cards for permanent online storage
  • Upload your medical records
  • Scout blog

Troop Leaders

  • Centralized management of all activities
  • Access scout’s rank status anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce sign-up email volume by 300%
  • Rank advancement and financial reports
  • Receive online payments for yearly dues and events
  • Export troop info to BSA formats
  • Reduce email time by using pre-defined templates
  • Reduce planning time by utilizing GSA’s automation
  • Targeted texting
  • Automated sign-up and wait list maintenance
  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Send targeted emails to focused groups
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • mGSA (mobile GSA) coming up in early 2014
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Scoutmaster blog


  • Personalized calendar for “your” sign-ups
  • Track your kids’ advancements, anytime, anywhere
  • Online signup and payment for events
  • Your payment history
  • Automated car pooling
  • Online maintenance of your automobile info
  • Upload your training certificates
  • Upload your medical records
  • 24/7/365 access

Customer Speaks

“RBT developed a portal for our company used by boy scout troops all across the US (http://www.GreenScoutsOfAmerica.com); it is a remarkable product in its presentation, functionality and usability. Troops using it have only but raving reviews about the product. It has been a pleasure working with RBT’s analysis, development and testing teams in rolling out this portal. They did it flawlessly, diligently and at a very good cost. Without hesitation, all my projects with US clients will be similarly executed by RBT.”

Dr. Asish Law
OneWorld IT Solutions, Inc.

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • HTML
- My ASP.NET Application
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