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Interactive online Learning Management & Automation Solution for E-learning giant

Project Summary:

Client is an e-Learning base, offering plenteous online educational courses in coordination with the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR's).

Education project list includes Course Specific Chapters on Diamond Grading & Research, User Specific Module Assessments, Certification, and Chapter Resume Functionality for the enrolled candidates.

Executive Summary:

  • Education portal was willing to super-amplify the productivity of employee’s skill-sets via online tutorials/machine learning for gemology
  • Client wanted to get rid of its inferior e-Learning portal that could not provide effective e-Learning experience to the live audience

Challenges & Implications:

  • Tricky maintenance of the clustered courses, module assessments or resumes in the content tree & other locations
  • Responsive framework using gulp techniques was traumatic
  • Validation of the assessment alternatives without a time lag was lofty & laborious
  • Rebuilding composite site by employing reusable components & widgets was mind-churning
  • Converting Continuous Integrations (CI) to simpler ones was exasperating


  • Amazing union of Ridgeway with Ray Business Technologies has resulted in realizing client ambitious plan for constructing education portal in a unique fashion
  • RBT instilled online learning tutorials with multi-lingual support for universal usage
  • Auto-sizing, resizing, & re-organizing pages obey with the relative screen dimensions of the multiple user devices
  • For achieving resistive application content, RBT’s site developers decided to maintain pages for assessment chapters in the content tree & in module classes
  • JSON responses used for creating peculiar solution
  • Every part of web application created as the widgets to reuse the components on pages anywhere
  • Course was built on the basis of Kentico CMS Internet Solution for empowering e-Learning
  • Kentico CI module, a potential tool store the customers’ database in a favorite versioning system for easy retrieval
  • CI combined with Source Control offers the ability to auto-migrate, develop coding & data changes from one to the other development environment.
  • Synchronization of work is invariably supported between the development teams
  • “Source Control” committed to store code, snapshots of the data in Kentico database file system & import the same back to yet another Kentico installation environment
  • The rephrased portal was brought to the public eyes with the inaugural launch event in April 2017. Furthermore, plans to accelerate online student’s participation to a random 1000 or beyond by mid-2018
  • RBT has built a highly delicate solution using Kentico Web Content Management System (WCMS) to enable conducive e-Learning and assessment
  • Clint Group is now in a state of confidence to keep a tight control on its content and simply access the timely reports without having to suffer from any hair-ball syndrome

Benefits of Kentico on Business Case:

  • Offer learning of the advanced gemology via responsive & interactive design on multi-user devices
  • Up-stream employee productivity
  • User-friendly navigation across varied application
  • Facile student logins, online tutorials, module assessments & certification

Key criteria for selecting Kentico CMS:

  • Rapid website development by exploiting minimal resource inputs
  • Kentico CMS 10 incorporated with all of the compulsory modules desired by the client
  • Absolutely trouble-free CMS to administer staging option while processing across varied versions of the hosted site
  • Highly sustainable document management system




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