Online order management system for agriculture retail leader

Client Overview

Our client operatesin Agricultural sector in the United States, focusing on the Agriculture, Animal Feeds and dairy industry

Project Summary

Project is an Online Order Management System for USA’s Agriculture Retail Leader. Dealers can place the orders based on consumer requests. Once the order is placed, the order will be delivered to consumers based on frequency of order deliverable like weekly or monthly etc. After the orders are placed, based on the delivery frequency, automated SMS notifications will be sent to consumers. Consumers have the option to Accept or Decline or Modify the order. Based on the Consumers response for the SMS, Dealer can deliver the order. Chat feature is also implemented. Using chat functionality, Dealer and Consumers can communicate for smooth, proper and faster delivery of ordered items. Dealer have the Dashboard where they can view and manage the orders.

Response Dashboard

This section contains customer information like name, address and contact details. It also contains status of the reminder messages related to customer orders, proposed delivery dates and standing instructions. This information is displayed based on store information configured.


In this section, full details of customer are captured. Customers are created, modified or deleted. While creating a new customer mandatory information like Name, cell number and full address details are captured. Here we can see whether customer is opted in for marketing campaigns.


Notifications for Customer order will be captured in this section. Reminders will be configured based on frequency of notifications to customer regarding delivery of orders. There is provision to modify the frequency of notification as per the customer request.

Store Settings

In this section, Administrator can configure the store settings with retailer address, contact person and contact details.

This project is developed in Kentico 12 MVC to leverage the content management features like Widgets, Page Templates and Common Widgets. Advantage of using Kentico content management system is to enable the content update functionality by users with ease without rebuilding the entire application. Application is deployed in Azure DevOps to leverage the advanced features like CI/CD and key vault.

Goals & Challenges

The goal of the project is to provide effective relation between Retailer and Customer by means of effective order management and timely notifications.

Challenges are as following:

  • To build a loosely coupled application with common components that can be used across the projects. 
  • All the content on the web pages should be editable and manageable by the content editor.
  • Integration of 3rd party components like Twilio which is a SMS sender platform
  • SSO integration 
  • Inbound and Outbound integrations with in-house applications


Ray Business Technologies (RBT) has addressed their specific needs to achieve their goals and compete among competitors. RBT has developed several mission critical Kentico applications. 
  • Used Kentico 12 MVC CMS to build the websites, Kentico is a leading provider of Content Management Solution, empowering enterprises to quickly build and deploy the solutions.
  • Used agile methodology. Delivered Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initially and added remaining features in the next sprints
  • Content editors have the ability to manage the multilingual content using the Kentico admin interface
  • Website configuration for APIs and services are managed in Settings application
  • Integrated 3rd party components like Twilio, Adobe analytics and Salesforce.

Benefits/Business Case

The new website comes with a rich responsive design that works across all mobile devices and desktops.

The new website has enabled the client to manage its marketing and to fine tune content and functionality to improve the dealer and consumer engagement.

The new website built with Kentico, provides great user experience to get information on various products orders and schedule deliveries on daily or weekly basis as per the need of consumers.

About Ray Business Technologies 

Ray Business Technologies is a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. We are a CMMI Level 3 company, providing cutting-edge IT Solutions to Enterprises worldwide, enabling them to utilize available resources effectively and manage the operations. Our excellent team of Technology Professionals work with enterprise clients in North America, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Author - Gurulingappa Gudli
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