Member’s data integration and automation using Dynamics 365 for USA’s leading NFP organization

Project Summary

The client is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1973 based out of New York. The client's role is to protect, preserve, and facilitate the dissemination of Siddha Yoga philosophy and culture. The Foundation works within the framework of a long-range vision to maintain all aspects of the Siddha Yoga path and preserve it as a dynamic spiritual path, now and for generations to come.

One significant reason client needed a CRM is they have multiple websites serving information about Events, SEVA Profiles, etc., The CRM solution is one stop shop for all the data that’s needed by the internal users.

Goals & Challenges

The goal of the CRM is to collect information of various sevaites (contacts involved in doing various voluntary activities) and their skill sets. These sevaites help the client during various planned events and activities. The internal users then search and pick the right profiles for specific tasks.

The major intent objectives of project are:

  • Increasing Sevaites registration
  • Provides complete information about each individual, including education, skill, languages
  • Increase event activities through client’s web site
  • Required integration with multiple legacy systems
  • Increase number of donations
The challenge that the client team was integrating the data from multiple sites. Their previous site was outdated in appearance and usability and it was also extremely difficult for the content managers to keep the information up to date. One element of the content which they needed to be able to manage was the old content.


Client chose Ray Business Technologies (RBT) to address their specific needs to achieve their goals and complete among competitors.  RBT created a fully modern, responsive and editable new website for storing and retrieving their profiles. The user experience is now excellent across all sections of the website.

The CRM profile search page is now very intuitive and allows the internal user to set filters and search for a specific sevaite with a preferred skill set. For example, Search can be made based on the education, location, skills, language or combination of all the above.

A dashboard has been designed and engineered where a user can see the data related to entities and displays data in the form of charts as well. This significantly improves the user experience as navigation is simple and all elements are easily accessible and encourages users to visit all sections of the site.

Multiple add-ons were developed to support various features like, Image cropping control, advanced calendar controls. PDF conversion and download. All these are not provided by CRM as default.

Benefits / Business Case

Client has been benefitted by deploying RBT as below:
  • Faster development: We could build the site faster with fewer resources
  • Easily maintainable document management system with workflows
  • Ease of management

About Ray Business Technologies

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