Workflow-Based Document Management System and User Friendly Web Portal for USA's Leading Provider of International Television Channels

Our Client is an initiative of National Satellite Systems (NSS), an Authorized independent retailer of DISH Network. Client brings the best South Asian Programming, delivered to subscribers’ homes, from India and around the world. As the leading provider of International television channels in the United States, client broadcasts over 200 Channels in over 28 languages with 100% digital delivery.

For over 12 years, NSS has been providing online and traditional direct sales and marketing services to client. NSS launched the client offer in 2002 and has now grown as one of the leading authorized retailer of client in the USA and number one in online sales.

In order to manage their online and direct sales and marketing, Client needed an enterprise -level solution. The planned site was to be the hub for South Asian channels, packages, Client receivers, FAQ's and orders by customers.

Ray Business Technologies studied Client requirements and, after several brainstorming sessions, they proposed Kentico CMS as the platform of choice for the implementation of Client


Our Client wanted to have a site for their customers to learn about the client channels, packages and ordering information. They wanted to have a page that included DVD receivers and HD receivers lists, including a PDF for each receiver for ordering.

Furthermore, they wanted an FAQ page with a full list of questions and answers about the DISH Network and also pages like About Us, Program Requirements, News, Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy etc.


  • Adding multiple instances of sliding and scrolling images e.g. popular shows & channels on the home page and image slider on the master page.
  • Creating a ‘contact me’ form, so that customers can request that a specialist call them.
  • Ensuring the ‘back to top’ functionality on the FAQ page.
  • Providing an Order Info Form for customer's to submit order information.


  • Images slider and scrollers : Created document types for the channels and shows and displayed them in the repeaters using sliding and scroller effects with jQuery.
  • ‘Contact me’ form: Created a Bizform with the fields: name and phone number, for customers to complete if they wish to receive a call from a specialist.
  • Back to top functionality: Placed a ‘back to top’ link at the bottom of each FAQ answer using jQuery, to allow users to go back to top of the page.
  • Order Info form: Created a BizForm which includes fields like first name, last name, email, etc. for customer order information submission.
  • Packages: Created document type for the packages and displayed them on a repeater. Clicking on a particular link redirects the user to the corresponding package.
  • Channels: Created document types for all channels and displayed them on a repeater with paging.
  • Technology: Created documents types for the DVD receivers and HD receivers and displayed them on a repeater with the corresponding PDFs.

Key criteria for selecting Kentico CMS

  • Faster development — we could build the site faster with fewer resources.
  • Kentico CMS 6.0 offers more of the required modules than other CMS's  on the market.
  • Easily maintainable content management system.
  • Content staging option while working with different versions of the hosted site.
  • Fast configurable access control mechanism on blogs, forums, pages and documents.
  • Easily maintainable document management system with workflows
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