How to Create a Widget Designer using Thunder in Sitefinity

A widget is a component of interaction like a button or a scroll bar. A specific kind of user-computer interaction is facilitated by every widget, which is visible on the applications graphical user interface. For instance, a blog post can be displayed leveraging the blogs posts widget. All that you have to do is tell the widget the number of posts, which have to be displayed on a single page, which blogs should be used and how they have to be displayed.

Follow these steps to create widget designer
Step 1: Open your project in visual studio
Step 2: Rightclick on project name and add  > new item > click on sitefinity >  select Designer for existing widget, give a name to that one and click on add.


  • One pop-up will come as create a widget a designer ,click on next

  • That will shows your custom widgets(here mine Contact Us)
  • Select one and click on next as below

  • Here you can add fields to your designer

  • click on next
  • Finally you’ll get successful message.

- My ASP.NET Application
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