Content Migration Services

Content Migration refers to the process of moving the content in the Web Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Document Management System (DMS), or HTML to another responsive web system of your choice. Imperatively, Web content migration is mandatory when you’re not so happy with your site or you’ve been asked to modernize it. This process involves consolidating different websites into one by replacing, remodeling, and fine-tuning your user-driven information architectures (IA) for the benefit of the business. Designing a Metadata strategy is the biggest bet as this enables your corporation to measure the value of your information asset. Remember that, it is the metadata that makes the information accessible universally. 

Legacy Site Review

Prior to making any exit dispensation from your current system, it’s habitual for you to keep a compressed glossary of the juicy pages of higher web presence, Google rankings blog rolls, traffic-hit -bits, net site  designs, patterns, videos, images, locations, strengths, weaknesses, fundamental codes, and the rest of the other integrant. 

Content  Inventory & Dispatch:

Content lifting & shifting is a sentimental approach still; it is mandatory for you to migrate the gulf of your data to a newer destination. You must breeze into making the database of your net-worth website content, page titles, source URLs, page layouts, web copies, PDF, multimedia files, online texts, metatexts, documents, archives, tags, extra fields, permissions and other streamers either in your Excel doc or Microsoft Project file before they go live on the web.

Captaining the Content Migration Projects

You must consciously appoint a sought-after project head to lead the large-scale project. The chief of the project together with the content migrators and IT developers must augment the critical emigrational assignments.   

Here are the key considerations to be followed during the Web Content Migration:

  • CMS Migration is a serious exercise, thus you must brush down all your confusions & prepare yourself for sending off your website to a state of hybernation for a little while. It is always righteous to make an announcement to your audience about the development phase your site is momentarily going through.
  • You are ought to handpick your jeweled pages from the sea of data. This means that you’ll scoop out the high-ranking content that brings you wholesome visitors in the future.
  • The discharging of your content in a step-by-step manner is a comfortable gambit. The data-driven-drill can become less sweaty provided it is punctuated with a few pauses. This is the moment when you can actually vacuum the most unwanted bites of content.
  • You may move your electronic content into the futuristic hub after re-designing, validating, performing user acceptance (UTA), and quality assurance testing (QA) for trimming down your technology snags.

Project Time Frame

The project head should be able to gather all the web content migration representatives, stakeholders, corporate communication executives, and others for working their way through content migration within the budget and before the cut-off target date.

Don’t Escape from Content Migration

Content Migration is a practice that you can’t disregard even in your crudest dream. Taking this as a credit note, you must never walk away from Web Content Migration or you may end up paralyzing your CMS forever.

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