Quality Management Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX Quality Management refers to everything related to Quality Management and Quality Controls. The robust components in Dynamics AX Quality Assurance Management deal with schedule tasks, correction tasks, diagnostics, quality standard testing, validation and more. You’ll have a highly optimized supply chain process competent enough for the management of your product quality, product orders, product correlation, nonconformance, short-term or long-term problems, conditions, time sheet hours, miscellaneous charges, and more. The use of the appropriate historical data enables you to review the effectiveness of the quality measures for determining your company’s future performance.  

Microsoft Dynamics AX Quality Management Functionality & Benefits

The Sure-step Dynamics AX Quality Control processes are easily initialized to offer you with the advantageous features mentioned as below:

  • Checks violation of the quality standards
  • Provides statistics on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for correction of the problems
  • Initiates an automatic and predefined quality control process based on crucial criteria
  • Blocks the non-approved inventory to proceed into the inspection
  • Conducts item sampling based on fixed quantities or on a percentage for defining the amount of physical inventory to be inspected
  • Generates quality association records for testing
  • Creates test types and test values for performing qualitative-versus-quantitative testing 
  • Allocate resources such as test area and test instruments useful for the inspection
  • Specifies acceptable quality level (AQL) for controlling the rate of tolerance of the quality measures
  • Carries detailed document management for inspection and reporting

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