Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration with BI

Business Intelligence and Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) helps in the formulation of the highly volatile information about your enterprise. With the click of the button, you can analyze the data of your suppliers, logistics, identify gaps in your supply chain, or even conceive strategies for new customer acquisition. BI keeps you chipped-in with the emerging trends in your industry. The integration assists you in the short, medium or long-term planning and decision-making inside your General Headquarters. The strategic BI Reporting functions in Dynamics AX offers 100% data transparency across the organization. The full-length business management solution is the mix of the Microsoft technology and tools for solving your present BI challenges.

Challenges & Constraints

Dynamics AX was not really born to perform reporting and analytics. Earlier, the non-integrated system neither had identified CRM activities nor had it grabbed any prospects for the enterprises. The solution (Dynamics AX without BI) lacked the Wizard-driven interface, key performance Indicators, analytic reports, and other components that contribute in beefing up the business processes. 

Benefits of the Integrated Solution-Dynamics AX BI

Dynamics AX isn't Built for Reporting but Work Wonders along with BI 

Dynamics AX is possessed with more than 4,600 tables that may not assist the nontechnical staff in exploring the data stacked within it. This calls the coordination of highly specialized technical resources for performing data assemblages. Liaising of the Dynamics AX with BI yields standard reporting for all your business processes.

Establish Solid Customer Relations

Dynamics AX BI dispense complete information of the prospective customers, defines relationships, tracks correspondence, phone logs, and auto-generated CRM activities.

Tap Sales Opportunities 

The solution uses all of the integrated sales information tools to identify, evaluate or exploit welcoming openings that arrives with times. It effectively governs your sales pipeline to maximize your closures.

Optimize Campaigns & Marketing

BI combines sales and marketing information for streamlining all the back-to-back processes associated with campaigns, marketing planning, execution, analysis, lead generation, and lead qualification for bringing financial enrichment.

Single BI Serves for Cyclical Business Demands

Apart from tweaking up the data, BI has much bigger priorities to perform. It constantly responds to the immediate demands of the management who seek tailored reports and dashboards in the most consumable formats.

Feature Pack of Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Intelligence

  • BI Reporting functions in Dynamics AX offers you with a Valley-deep insight into your business data while fueling your business management solution
  • All Microsoft SQL, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) & compliant database platforms supports information processing
  • Highly configurable solution runs on a reporting platform-Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder  delivers extensible Analytical reporting tools & BI platform with Permissions-based access to the data across the organizational channels
  • Predefined function termed as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cubes & RoleTailored BI enables you to react to the ever critical business cases
  • Cross-breeding of Dynamics AX 2012 with Pre-built BI is a suitable option for the Mid-market organizations that can transform the raw data into meaningful info-sets usable for making confident business decisions
  • Built-in contents such as Role Centers/dashboards, Analysis Cubes, & Analytic Reports eliminates building of a supplementary solution from the grass-root, that saves your time along with your capital
  • As many as eleven Analysis Cubes address the analytic requirements including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, professional services & beyond
  • More than 150 Analytic Reports are involved in serving you with the business data
  • As many as 60 of the Key Performance Indicators are engaged to help you evaluate the success of each of your business activities
  • Wizard-driven interface escorts you to self-deploy the solution without having to possess any business intelligence skills
  • Reporting feature is widely applicable on Dynamics AX 2012 R2 & Dynamics AX 2012 R3

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