Microsoft Dynamics AX Transportation Management System

The all new and advanced Transportation Management function in Microsoft Dynamics(AX 2012 R3) offers you with thefinancial visibility for administering organization's inbound and outbound transportation processes with utmost ease.With the power filled Transportation Management Engine embedded directly into one of the world’s most dominant ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, your company will be able to utilize the cutting edge supply chain technology for supporting yourhighly complicated transportation planning and execution processes.

Here are a Few Transport-related Processes Managed using Dynamics AX Transportation Management Engine:

  • Sales, Purchase & Distribution Management
  • Accessorial Assignments Management
  • Hub Management, Dispatch Check & Controls
  • Product Pick-Up & Drop-off Management
  • Vendor Identification Management
  • Carrier Fuel Index Management
  • Solution Tender Management
  • Load/Warehouse/Shipment Management
  • Batch Reservation Management 
  • Internal Transfer Management
  • Solution Route Tracking & Solution Traffic Management 
  • Price Comparison Management (Freight & Carriers) 
  • Batch Order Processing Management   
  • Cross Docking ofClustered Products 
  • Item Scan & Management   
  • Cycle Count Management  
  • Freight Reconciliation Management  
  • Override Charges Management

Support Multiple Industries

The Transportation logistics interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX flexibly manages transportation activities of the small to large organizations operating across the world's broad industrial domains. The multi-segment and multi-modal transport solution is dedicated to support Truck Load (TL for large fright), Less than Truck Load Shipping (LTL for small fright), Intermodal Freight Transport (rail, air, ocean, truck), manufacturing ventures, Third-party Logistics bureaus, and various other business establishments. 

Mobile-ready Dispatching Software

The Automated Transportation Management Software is a mobile-friendly platform that displays the list of work items, menu items, and audio visuals on the screens of the mobile for optimizing user experience. The mobile-compatible transportation and fleet management framework eliminates all the geographic barriers to facilitate your endless freight transportation fulfillment and concerns on a day to day basis. 

Ease of Deployment

The Dynamics AX Transportation Management application along with its robust capabilities are readily installed as per your transport needs. Your system begins to work efficiently both on-premiseor on the cloud for monitoring your full transportation lifecycle starting from solution buying, solution selling, tendering, order tracking, bill settlement etc.

Benefits of Implementing Transportation Management System (TMS) in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Implementation of the newest Logistics Software in Dynamics AX results in enormous warehouse efficiency, delivery capabilities, inventory reductions, cash flow improvements, increased customer service and for meeting 360 degrees transportation processes scenarios.

Illustrated below are a few benefits of the Transportation Management System in Dynamics AX:

  • Perform advanced logic to collaborate, configure purchase & sales order with the outbound transport workflows 
  • View, driver logs, driver check-in & check-out history 
  • Utilize Load Building workbench for creating optimal loads based on the business strategy
  • Print multi-packing slips in the load planning
  • Make use of the surplus fieldsin the master Bill of Lading (BOLs)
  • Use print out of the BOLs for gaining access tosummarized data 
  • Help skip trivial freight reconciliation process
  • Create pre-scheduled routes for planning transportation
  • Consolidate, assign transfer orders, configure profiles & pack batch or non-batch items into shipping containers
  • Set up ad-hoc cycle counting thresholds & cycle count locations
  • Use mobiles for optimizing precision in the picking & put-away processes
  • Set up strategic policy for sales order fulfillment, create batch jobs for releasing sales orders, transfer orders to the warehouse and so forth
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