Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) in the highly capable Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution is necessary for developing human resources potentiality within the organization. HRM, apart from performing wide-ranging functions such as employee management, staff administration, hiring, compensation, benefits, payroll, safety, wellness, motivation and training; also plays a significant role in eliminating multiple complexities along with the cost concerns of the organization. The recommended solution is tightly integrated with all of the HRM modules for monitoring the organizational hierarchy. Furthermore, HRM modules are forwardly integrated with every other module in Dynamics AX including Payroll, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, General Ledger, Excel, and SQL Server Report for administering day-to-day HR functions.  

Integration of HRM Modules in Dynamics AX Spots the Following Abilities:

Dynamics AX & Core HRM

Core HRM module utilizes historic database repository for managing and storing composite employee-related information (resumes', university educations, training, work experience, certificates, contact information, number of dependents, equipment loans, and payroll records)

Dynamics AX & Organization Management

Each hierarchy in Microsoft Dynamics AX is assigned with a unique purpose. For instance, purchasing hierarchy which helps keep the executive team well informed about the purchasing policies, business process rules and regulations. Thus, the module intelligently sets organizational hierarchies for managing transparent business reports from across the organization.

Dynamics AX & Talent Acquisition

The automated module exploits effective social media channels and methodology for conducting 360 degrees hiring campaigns. It performs standard screening, selection, personal interviews, negotiation, and final placement of the resource on its own with less human intervention. The high-end system under the lens seamlessly manages end-to-end Human Capital Diversity and Inclusion process starting from job application management to retrenchment or retirement.

Dynamics AX & Leave Management

The Microsoft Dynamics AX  HRM identifies broad range of variables and trends in employee absenteeism and poor attendance. Under genuine conditions, the flexible leave management system facilitates the HR department to recognize various criterions (illness, accident, disability) for sanctioning or approving employee leaves while offering proactive assistance for their welfare.

Dynamics AX & Outlook Integration

The Microsoft Outlook integration in the Dynamics AX HRM platform opens a dialog wizard that allows easy booking and scheduling of the meeting invites through an active attendee calendar. The favorable system track meetings, phone calls, email correspondence and more for your convenience.

Dynamics AX & Competence Management

The unified system can perform exploratory search, identify, filter, maintain, and register the employees aptitude or hot-skills in the form of catalog to be used whenever needed. This helps the HR to match the right candidate to the right task, at the right moment.

Dynamics AX & Employee Learning & Development

Dynamics AX HRM with its Graphical tools analyze employee resourcefulness, staff performance levels, core competencies, strengths, and weaknesses for offering them with structured L&D sessions, training curricula, certification courses, and also outlines the scope for improvement for the betterment of the target employees.  

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