Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM Functionality

The impression that only those companies who can keep up with the satisfaction of their customers will eternally survive in the highly viscous market scenarios has inspired Microsoft to integrate two of its dissimilar platforms into one. Microsoft’s module integration and workflow functionalities successfully improve your customer relationships for yielding creamy ROI.  The on-premise or partner hosted work horse solution is built on single tenant DB architecture to help the you connect with the database for  managing your global contacts, accounts, customers, leads, new prospects, opportunities, pipeline,  query, telemarketing, budget planning, sales forecasting and so on. The highly efficient customer relationship management system collaborated with Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you plan, implement, evaluate, manage and control end-to-end sales follow-ups, customer engagement drills, in-bound, outbound marketing, and advertisement campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM Functionality Features & Benefits

The best of the chosen CRM functionalities from sales & marketing and call centers modules from Microsoft Dynamics AX helps the users achieve many advantages mentioned as below:

Sales Services & Marketing Effectiveness

The enabling CRM functionality in Dynamics AX has the strength to support and manage your inventory availabilities, receipts, itemized sales orders, price quotation, cost simulation modeling, discounts, expert dispatch requests, service agreements, contracts, time capture, invoice release, and every other thing you expect.

One Way Integration (AX-Outlook)

The use of the necessary plug-ins enable batch integration for synchronizing your real time information such as your contacts, tasks, schedules, and appointments et cetera.

Other Integrations

The functionality is capable of providing basic dashboards, role centers, reports, document management and also enables SharePoint and MS integrations.

Development Platform

Apart from using .Net, the functionality also deploys an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as MorphX application typically done with code editor known as X++.

Ad-hoc Reporting for Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM functionality offers role-based analytical reports for measuring your KPIs for determining your targeted business objectives and performance.

Information Visibility

The functionality offers single curtain view of the consolidated data across all the organizational departments for transparency.

Offline Access to Remote Employees

The field personals now take the convenience of working offline using their mobile device to interact with their customers.

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Aesthetically, the UI interface is often mentioned in conjunction with user experience (UX) because of its configuration that is synonymous to that of the desktop or fat client interface that works to offer highest degree of user experience.

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