Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management is paramount for the agility of the enterprise organization and growth. Microsoft Dynamics AX together with Compliance Management Module helps keep your corporate entity cost-effective and compliant forever. The adoption of the module informs the best-in-class organizations of the industry-specific laws, internal policies and best practices to prevent them from economic uncertainties, materialistic losses, financial forfeiture, corporate scandals, legal penalties, and more. In a big way, the functionality helps meet the corporate performance expectations, rising demands of the stakeholders, market conditions and for managing risks at every stage of the business life cycle.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management

Compliance audits in Microsoft Dynamics AX allow companies to get consistent while streamlining their business processes for many good reasons mentioned as below: 

Employee Effectiveness

The easy to learn compliance module in Microsoft Dynamics AX provide staff with the privilege to use the system for better control.

Full Process Controls

The highly standardized operational procedures ensure about the consistent actions that are carried out in your organization for value addition.

Global Organization meeting Global Compliance

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management enables your organization to comply with global corporate procedures, financial mandates, and legal regulations across the national and international locations and the jurisdictions.

For Complete Transparency

You'll achieve deeper transparency of the corporate governance and compliance activities within the Compliance Center, the only hub for securing your policies, documents, compliance database, reports, logs, along with the key risk indicators.

Trace & Track Audit Transactions

Your random expense reports, purchase orders, or vendor invoices can be first defined and then run automatically on a recurring basis.  The feature spots the original details of the users who created the audit at a particular date and time. This module allows us to often create alerts and make amendments in the sensitive data.

Cost Reduction

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management prepares the companies for reducing their regulatory hurdles along with the overhead cost for compliance. The streamlined process removes all the physical or human efforts that delays company’s financial productivity.

Other Advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management

  • Better Quality Assurance
  • Enforces Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for better Internal Controls
  • Improves Compliance Awareness & Compliance Training
  • Verifies & approves Electronic or Digital Signatures
  • Intimates about the Data changes using the active Alert System
  • Reduce risks to  improve Organizational Security  
  • Provides Document Library for storing & sharing information pertaining to the compliance
  • Supports green initiative metrics

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