Microsoft Dynamics AX Master Data Management

As in many instances, Companies with multiple deployments of Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 2012 R2)were not able to share referential master data across all deployments. It's for this reason Master Data Management (MDM) functionality is introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to fully support data governance scenarios (single master, multiple master, conflict resolution, selective data synchronization et cetera). MDM in Microsoft Dynamics AX is pre-configured for performing data sync up activities related to customers, vendors, workforce, global address book, product entities and way beyond. 

Supporting Dynamics AX Hot-fixes

Before applying the much awaited hot-fix in a Production Environment, it's advisable to first install the Microsoft Dynamics AX hot-fix inthe Test Environment and then proceed forward with your customizations.

Creating Dynamics AX Hot-fixes is Easy with the Steps Stated Below:

  • Creation of the Dynamics AX Data Import Export Framework (DIXF) Service Users Group 
  • Addition of the Application Object Server (AOS) User to DIXF 
  • Auto-installation of the DIXF hotfix Service Component 
  • Restarting of the computer for calling DIXF services

Benefits of Master Data Management (MDM) in Microsoft Dynamics AX

There are many advantages of MDM any business enterprise can enjoy as the processleverage complete potential of your master database. With dataperfectly managed using the robust MDM solution, your firm is destined to reap full value of both Microsoft Dynamics AX andMDM applications. 

Some of the Benefits of MDM in Microsoft Dynamics AX are Illustrated Below: 

MDM a Single Source of Truth

The Master Data Management in Dynamics AX offers more than you expect especially when thousands of users are updating and modifying their records at the same interval. Thus, the clean and consistent data is shared across all the organizational computer for your ready reference. 

Master Data Synchronization

MDM feature in Dynamics AX facilitates easy synchronization of the master data records across the solution and its multiple instances on a defined schedule. This way, the system guarantees consistency ofthe crucial informationrelated to customer’s name, addresses, profiles, product data and so on. 

Ease of Data Export/Import

The Dynamics AX Data Import/Export Framework entities are connected and configured with the Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services (SQL MDS Database/Central Data Store) with the opening of the Microsoft Dynamics Powershell. Post running of the command, you can open AX for entering all the essential parameters required to link AX with Master Data Repository and finally click Test configuration button to open the Infolog indicating successful connection. Now, all of your master data sets, transactional, and non-transactional data is synchronized to be exported to the Master Data Repository thereby making it available everywhere including (SQL and all other Dynamics AX instances).

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