Kentico Xperience 13 Migration and Upgrade

Kentico Migration and Upgrade

We help large businesses to seamlessly migrate large volumes of content from their existing platforms to the Kentico CMS through our Kentico Xperience 13 Migration and Upgrade services.

Raybiztech has the largest team of Kentico Xperience 13 certified developers, with excellent expertise to provide best Kentico Xperience 13 upgrade services to our clients to make performance improvements.

Our Kentico Xperience 13 Migration & Upgrade services include:

  • Update or migrate CMS applications to latest Kentico CMS versions
  • Migrate data and applications to Kentico platform
  • Modernize and migrate business reports
  • Content Analysis & Migration
  • Kentico Content Migration

Kentico 12 Upgrade

With Kentico 12, users can add features for robust performance for consistency and scalability. This enhances the portal with some of the dynamic capabilities that can help detect fake accounts and authorize digital signatures. The CMS platform offers some salient features that our clients should not miss.

Whether it is underlining your CMS capabilities or turning to more interactive and personalized experiences, an upgrade to these features will bring unmatched prowess, thereby offering the opportunity to be more creative for marketers and developers alike.

Inline Editors

The typical MVC Page Builder offered by Kentico 12 can be enhanced with inline editors that help adjust the content of the website. With just a single click, the clients can adjust widgets and place the same appropriately across the desired layout. Dynamic widget behavior can also be incorporated through the desired styles or colors. For instance, content editors can set different colors with flashing interval times.

MVC Installer

As Kentico 12 is MVC-driven, the powerful Installer offers rapid deployment of Kentico projects, allowing you to initiate a project with simple and easy installation steps. Our clients can thus experience the results of automation and simplified creation of web-based elements in a Kentico environment. The MVC Installer thus simplifies configuration and lets the clients focus on digital project implementation.

Widget Sections

Marketers can now have specific editable areas within widgets for greater personalization, as they can make use of the designated widget sections. This is particularly required when marketers feel the need to control editable areas and its layout to place the widgets at the desired location. Widget sections thus help marketers create partitions across layouts. Users can thus create one or multiple layouts in columns or rows.

E-commerce API

To intuitively create an engaging e-commerce portal, the Business API for building e-shops lets marketers and stakeholders focus on the actual experience rather than the task of coding. The API minimizes the lines of code and is capable of deploying an online store in the minimum turnaround time. Kentico users can now rely on the most versatile methods to deliver the most seamless online shopping experience yet.

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