Kentico Deployment

Kentico as a CMS and Integrated Marketing tool has matured over a period of time and provides detailed instructions on easy installation, configuration and deployment as any other ASP.NET application. Kentico CMS is developed on standard ASP.NET framework with standard Microsoft SQL Server database.

Kentico CMS project can be deployed as standard server environments for better project management, Staging, QA/UAT and Production Servers. You can use any Source control system to keep updated files.

Raybiztech helps your Kentico projects deployment with Continuous Integration, because we understand that the first deployment of your new application may be easy, but deployment of the next version update may be more complex. We offer two ways to deploy the updated Kentico version and integrate them with production data without overwriting changes that were made by content editors and site visitors in the meantime by either Import/Export or Synchronization.

We also provide appropriate documentation and training to your internal Deployment Teams for Kentico CMS, so you do not need external support for Kentico Deployment.

Raybiztech suggests to keep different branches in your source control for the staging, QA and production environments. This way, many of the objects and content will sync over using the Content Synchronization module. You may also consider not using slots for your different environments. This is helpful for deploying the newer version of your environment and also testing well prior to synchronizing it to the upgraded version.

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