Kentico EMS

Kentico EMS

Kentico is keen on fully digitizing the customer experience right from the cold call. It has offered leading businesses the option to extend capabilities of their content legacy systems by embracing the Kentico EMS. This will allow the firms to streamline their campaigns and lead generation efforts by leveraging technology to the fullest.

Kentico: The EMS Edge

With the state-of-art Kentico EMS built on a scalable enterprise platform, organizations can now personalize campaigns and deliver targeted promotional content based on the precise needs of potential buyers. With a sleek architecture that can fit into diverse enterprise platforms, Kentico EMS can direct your efforts with a real-time and efficient utilization of resources aimed at diverse tech-savvy user profiles.


The Kentico EMS will allow the marketing and sales functions to deliver powerful campaigns using uniquely created and executed forms, newsletters, and targeted mailing lists with validated contact addresses and delivery preferences, leading to a powerful and effective content-driven marketing pitch. Companies can now track and manage their leads based on timely scores, thereby streamlining their sales prowess over their rivals.

Kentico EMS Solutions
  • All-in-one Cutting-edge marketing automation solution
  • Affordable and transparent installation and deployment
  • Lead-Scoring, Analytics, Reporting, and other essentials
  • Focused Strategy and Targeted Messaging for quick ROI
  • Rapid customization and easy-to-use dynamic interface
  • Enable fully-managed marketing cycle with key decisions

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