Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based service that allows organizations to meet their business requirements for robust security, user productivity, and consistency. It offers all the standard office products like Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and more.


Through Office 365 services, you get a complete access to your business-class emails, shared calendars, and secure file sharing. Online conferencing and collaborative document editing facility are some of the added benefits that your organization can have by using Office 365 services. Office 365 will help your employees to work together in new and more efficient way.


Raybiztech helps you to integrate Office 365 with numerous other apps to automate your work. Our solutions ensure you get increased productivity, enterprise-grade security, reduced overhead costs, instant access to cloud based-services and high security levels and reliability to safeguard your valuable data and information. We offer Office 365 Consulting, implementation, migration, and deployment services for your organization that can be achieved in user-defined specifications at reduced cost and greater efficiency.

Benefits of Office 365

  • Complete sync of Outlook between multiple devices.
  • Web Access to Microsoft Office Documents.
  • Mobile access on all popular smartphones and tablets.
  • File sharing for corporate environment with Office 365.
  • Instant messaging, voice, phone, and real time video conferencing.
  • Shared Calendar with Office 365 - no additional apps or software.

We offer below Office 365 solutions to our global clientele:

Office 365 Development Services

Office 365 Development Services

Raybiztech helps your company to move to the cloud through its Office 365 Development Services by rendering greater flexibility, consistency, and cost savings.

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Office 365 Migration & Upgrade

Office 365 Migration & Upgrade

Raybiztech provides speedy Office 365 Migration & Upgrade services to help you update your current systems. You can easily switch from old systems to new systems.

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Office 365 Developers and Consultants

Office 365 Developers and Consultants

Our Office 365 Developers and Consultants help you in implementing customized Office 365 development services for various industries worldwide.

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Office 365 Implementation & Office 365 Integration

Office 365 Implementation & Office 365 Integration

We offer Office 365 Implementation & Integration services that allow you to incorporate Office 365 aligned to your enterprise and help you to integrate new systems with the existing IT ecosystem.  

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Office 365 Support and Maintenance Services

Office 365 Support and Maintenance Services

For proactive maintenance, we offer the best Office 365 Maintenance Services to timely monitor your business environment. We review existing performance and security gaps and fix them before they influence organizational processes.

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Office 365 Consulting Services

Office 365 Consulting Services

Raybiztech offers Office 365 consulting services to help clients address complex issues that can’t be solved by in-house specialists, as well as align Office 365 with a particular business environment and organizational needs.

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  • Office 365 Templates Development
  • Office 365 Custom Modules Development
  • Office 365 Deployment
  • Office 365 Social Integrations
  • Office 365 Mobile Applications
  • Office 365 e-commerce
  • Office 365 Document Management
  • Office 365 Performance optimization
  • Office 365 Cloud Consulting
  • Office 365 Training
  • Office 365 CRM Integration
  • Office 365 ERP Integration
  • Office 365 SAP Integration
  • Office 365 PIMCORE Integration
  • Office 365 Architecture Consulting
  • Office 365 Technical Consulting
  • Office 365 Functional Consulting
  • Office 365 Reporting
  • Office 365 Analytics
  • Office 365 Administration
  • Office 365 Regression Testing
  • Office 365 Load Testing
  • Office 365 Dashboards
  • Office 365 Intranet
  • Office 365 Security Audit
  • Office 365 GDPR
  • Office 365 Health Audit
  • Office 365 Workflows Development
  • Office 365 web-to-print
  • Office 365 digital signage
  • Office 365 Content migration
  • Office 365 Connectors
  • Office 365 MailChimp Integration
  • Office 365 Hubspot Integration
  • Office 365 QuickBooks Integration
  • Office 365 Shopping Cart
  • Office 365 Payment Gateway integration
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