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Technical Site Audit

Website Audit is the actuarial analysis of the factors that affect website’s visibility across the potential search engines. Technical Site Audit helps you to understand the state of SEO and spot those grey areas that damage the overall organic traffic in your web junction. A regular site audit is emphasized for the success of the Content Marketing/Internet Marketing that helps bloom your billion dollar businesses on the World Wide Web. A standard auditing job is jumbled with a set security procedures that are aimed to inspect record assets, individual pages, web copies, anchor texts, broken links, internal links, redirects, duplicate titles, content facing reduced traffic and others.

Here are a few site auditing essentials for you to validate:

Checking Indexed Pages

Examining of the indexed pages determines the number of indexed URLs recognized by the Google. The thorough examination of the indexed pages is helpful in tracing those pages that are returned. The process offers you with the first result and in case the first result is not achieved, then it intimates you of the site having poor architecture.

External & Internal Link Juice Spread

External/Internal link distribution structures can methodically take the search engine indexing and ranking. Your improved external/Internal links can focus on your mainstream pages (quality business stuff, product catalog, and service offerings). Thus external/Internal links helps you in vitalizing your web presence across the various search engines.

Website Health Audits & Classification

There are a hand full of distinctive website audits and each of these audit types stand up to state the truth about you system’s strengths and weaknesses.  Site audits diagnose your website for their wellbeing and reveals all the issues required to be urgently addressed.

Highlighted below are the different types of Side Audit processes:

Website Security Audit

This type of audit automatically performs high-risk vulnerability assessment of your website. It scans SQL injection, cross-site scripting, technical flaws, checks password strengths on all the authentication pages, and other web applications.

Competitive Site Audit

Competitive site audit informs you about the best channels that helps you in engaging your target audience. It pinpoints the activities of the competitors while monitoring the website gaps for tapping the avenues of newer opportunities.

Red Flag & Recovery Audit

Under contingencies, when you are fastened with an incoming peril of algorithmic penalties, the Red Flag & Recovery Audit begins the site metrics for scrutinizing the length and breadth of your website for finding the impending penalties.

Website Content Audit

This is supposed to be the most vital audit that catches pulpy content with respect to SEO. It evaluates the current state of your live content and makes differentiation with the already identified keywords/persona. With your website’s content fully mapped, the site content audit makes it easier for you to build the contemporary content of high value.

SEO Link Audit

The SEO link audit is sometimes called as the website backlink audit is delegated for evaluating the internal and external links. This audit reveals your website’s low-quality, less desired links, or any web portion smoked with the risks. It maps your link power to make your content visible to the guests' or site crawlers.

Follow-up SEO Audit

This process assigns the search engines to match searches to the valued content. You will stay on top by performing quarterly SEO audits for keeping your website free from the IT litter.

Social Media Audit

This examines whether your online content, headlines, images, and tactics are actually working or need to be treated. Social media audit aligns your social media spending for smooth running of those Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) and more. Soon after comparing your social media activeness with your competitors, a good marketing strategy is penned on the online pages.

Benefits of the Master Site Audit

  • Provide analytical summary of your website
  • Send Red Flag Warning & recommends a solution whenever site is vexed with issues
  • HTTPS report in Site Audit discover website security, privacy issues, mixed content issues, non-secure scripts, images, CSS elements and rest of the cases
  • Excavate most outdated security protocols, missing SNI & HSTS support
  • Verify if content is showing up, if navigation links are present, if Google's cache is available for the key pages
  • Performs On-page optimization of the meta descriptions, title tags, other HTML tags for uniqueness
  • Suggest clean & crisp URLs with reduced character limit for better usability
  • Intimate about those internal links to non-secure pages
  • Fix Hreflang conflicts within page source code, rectify incorrect hreflang links
  • Resolve problems that block the SEO progress
  • Perform custom search, spell check, scan broken links, inspect anchor text, import Apache logs and bit more

Site Audit Protects your Site from Google Penalty

A healthy site audit exercise alerts those uncivilized websites that violate the search engine terms and policies. It informs you about the outcome of the intrusive interstitial penalty if you committing a faux pas, duplicity, still-internal linking errors, generating non-canonical content to name a few.

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