Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a business with a well-rounded view of its customer as well as insights into customer behavior. In today's challenging business environment, it is paramount to retain a customer as the costs of acquiring new customers are escalating. A well-implemented CRM solution can provide you much needed benefits including:

  • Understanding customer behavior, buying patterns and preferences
  • Ability to perform customer profiling and target suitable customers for further promotions, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Identify the most valuable and least valuable customers
  • Tailoring the campaigns based on the insights garnered from customer behavior and seasonality
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to proactive actions taken in response to customer insights gained
  • Save money and target the budget effectively towards most valuable customers

Our experienced team can help your sales & marketing teams with campaign management by designing better campaigns and improve lead generation by implementing multi-channel lead management solution as well as assist in developing a comprehensive loyalty management solution to reward your most valuable customers.

Raybiztech offers various engagement models in which we can support the customers in the most cost-effective manner from private hosted application to packaged implementation.

  • Product Implementation: Our technical team has experience in implementing number of CRM products such as Siebel, SAP CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM, and Vtiger.
  • Private/public Cloud Hosted Solution: Another cost-effective model that removes the burden of IT from the customer is a private cloud hosted model or public cloud hosted model, where Raybiztech can host the CRM solution for use by the marketing team.
  • Custom Application Development: This model helps the marketer to develop a solution that is tailored to the marketing process and integrate with existing systems and processes without any disruption. Our team of consultants and engineers will work marketing team to understand the marketing process and translate it into a custom product that offers efficiencies for the entire marketing organization.

What we offer:

- My ASP.NET Application
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