Marketing Resource Management

Marketing resource management automates the process of getting marketing work done. It contains functionalities that manage:

Marketing resource management
  • Planning and financials
  • Production management and workflow
  • Offer management
  • Brand assets - both digital and physical
  • Localization and distribution of collateral and advertising
  • Project management
  • Dynamic calendars

Marketing Resource Management can dramatically reduce the number of point solutions that a marketing department uses to get the work done. MRM requires a high degree of integration as is available with the Raybiztech solution.

The Benefits

Research reveals that majority of marketing dollars are spent on activities actually do not delivers value. By reducing marketing overhead and leveraging marketing investments, enormous gains are possible. Raybiztech MRM solution helps customers reduce cycle time by up to 33% and documented efficiency gains measured in the millions of dollars. Contact us today to understand how you can use our technology to better manage your scarce marketing resources.

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