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The more knowledge you have about your leads, the easier it is to convert to them customers.

Integrated lead management is key to the profitability of an enterprise. The sales function can convert more leads if the leads are better qualified and sales team has more information about the lead. Poorly qualified leads not only reduce sales efficiency and increase cost, but also can widen the gap between sales and marketing, thereby affecting profitability.

Enterprises face the following challenges with their lead management solutions:

  • Leads have limited life span and they are wasted if they are not delivered to the right person at the right time.
  • If the leads are not properly qualified and scored, sales team will spend more time on a lead that has lower probability of conversion compared to a highly qualified lead resulting in lower sales.
  • Inefficient lead management can result in duplicate leads or poorly qualified leads wasting valuable time and money.
  • Lack of visibility into the sales pipeline for senior management
  • Lack of visibility into the Lead Management process or leads in various stages, conversion rates etc.

Raybiztech can help enterprises implement an integrated lead management solution that will result in the following benefits:

  • Lead Generation and Capture: Consolidate, scrub and quality leads gathered from a variety of sources and apply sophisticated analytics to score each lead.
  • Optimize Lead Allocation: Apply flexible business rules to automate the routing of leads. Leads can be seamlessly routed to sales force automation systems, call centers, or other channels.
  • Lead Nurturing: Get visibility into lead status and feedback on lead quality.

Raybiztech enables you to implement an integrated lead management either by developing an IT solution that suits the marketing process or by implementing off-the-shelf products such as Raybiztech Leads, SAS, SAP CRM, Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and Vtiger. Our team of consultants and engineers can help the enterprise with creating comprehensive solution for lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing.

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