Quality Management Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Quality Management or Quality Assurance Management module available within Microsoft Dynamics GP determines the quality standards of your organization at every level. It checks if your quality of raw materials meets with the progressive manufacturing criterion. Quality Assurance integrates effortlessly with all the versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide a flexible environment especially for manufacturing stream. The single-step Defect Management, Destructive Testing procedures, and Alerts in Quality Management refrains the defective raw materials from passing into the production line.  The scheme of Test Results offer summary of the vital sources of defects identified during the inspection to help the inspectors take corrective actions over the non-standard quality issues. The changing guidelines in the embedded system give complex manufacturing operations with a crystal clear set of standards to be followed while dealing with nonconforming orders on the production floor.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Quality Management Functionality & Benefits 

Below are few of the advantageous features the top corporates of today derive out of the Microsoft Dynamics GP QA Module for staying competitive:  

  • Conducts reliable testing according to the unique needs of the merchandise
  • Creates warning notifications for those lines of materials failing quality standards
  • Implements quality sampling procedures for tracking destructive testing
  • Establishes methodical procedures to reduce the retardation of the manufacturing processes, rework, and remnant  
  • Define highly customized parameters for every customer and vendor
  • Collaborate with supply chain partners using reporting automation
  • Offers visibility of the finished merchandise to the consumers
  • Backtrack mistakes within a few minutes


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