Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration with BI

The practical integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence has added lucky punch to the business ventures flourishing in the materialistic world. Today, Dynamics GP integration with Power BI has become the central topic for many of the Dynamics GP consumers. The divine union of the Dynamics GP with Power BI has experienced inviting changes in the business infrastructure of the enterprise. Syndicating Dynamics GP with the business analytical tool (BI) is meant for targeting the massive users of the off Dynamics ERP Data. Power BI has the strength and masculinity to transform your system’s data into resourceful info-cubes for making worthwhile decisions. The collaborative association of the two accredits you to fueling your data, your virtual wealth. In your best interest, the factorial integration necessitates you to arrange marginal prerequisites such as Office 365 Account for gaining access to Power BI-streaming service sites.

Challenges & Constraints

Pre-integration, the click and mortar organizations like yours had failed to withstand the technical areas of resistance. The crash of the stand-alone system for interacting with your Dynamics GP data with any other types was disputable. Earlier, requesting for the Power BI visuals from the Power BI site was a fantasy. Moreover, the fidelity to obtaining full page reports was fractious in nature.  

Benefits of the Integrated Solution-Dynamics GP Power BI

  • Integration of Power BI offers deeper hold of the HTML5 & Open Data Services (OData) to be unified with Dynamics GP
  • GP Home page capable enough pop Power BI visuals
  • Complementary budgeting & forecasting tool from BI sets your salesmen to outperform the predictive sales
  • GP BI graduates your business development division to withdraw from the physical processes & start playing with the database docked in the web from
  • Dynamics GP on the GP module dashboard enables your sales teams to slate in  with the sales facts
  • Effluent integration enables HR department to ponder on their resource allocation plans while keeping in mind about the company’s criterion on cost control
  • BI’s budgeting feature help your IT taskforce in chewing the factual data for vanishing their IT redundancies

Feature Pack of Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence

  • Dynamics GP’s key performance indicator/chart analysis solution offers parallel interface between Office 365 accounts & Power BI-streaming service sites
  • Dynamics GP Power BI dispenses personalized Reports on multiple devices
  • Add-in-tools as like Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Map & Power View promises data modeling, KPI building, interactive visualization and more
  • GP BI gives direct accessibility of the reports/KPIs in your own GP home pages
  • Intuitive Data Analysis System (Power BI) clubs all the Power tools into one cloud application
  • Power BI connector saves you from shifting the high-value data into Excel by pulling the live data from the Dynamics GP database
  • Power BI habitually creates reports/graphs/charts from GP data & shares them with those who lack access to the financial system.
  • It grants permission-based rights to the authorized officials for reviewing reports while helping them react to the issues due to be resolved
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