Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is aimed at helping organizations operate across locations and countries by standardizing processes, providing visibility across the business, and helping to simplify compliance coupled with stable operational procedures.


The Dynamics 365 module enables a higher level of customer satisfaction with chat support and loyalty programs that are integrated with the ERP and website. Through a robust delivery offered by Raybiztech, coupled with quick roll out powered our quality Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration Services, we look ahead to help organizations fulfill their business goals and revenue targets.


Besides helping clients to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a seamless manner, we also ensure their capabilities are directed to achieve greater efficiency, manage the dynamically changing business scenarios, as well as cater to rising needs of optimizing processes and functions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Benefits

  • Optimum performance at elevated load times with zero bottlenecks
  • Ultimate user experience with task-driven usability specifications
  • Well-integrated Dynamics 365 suite with quick troubleshooting
  • Cloud-based model that integrates with CRM and ERP systems
  • Streamlines workflow of standard as well as ad hoc business tasks

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with Office 365

The Integration of Dynamics 365 with the Office 365 platform empowers users with more scalability and enables greater streamlining and fruitful collaborationamong individual tasks as well as group workflows in a secure environment.

User Identity Management

This is the process for recognizing, authenticating and authorizing the individual user or group entities to gain access to the newly linked system. For accessing the collaborated environment, you must keep yourself logged into the Dynamics 365 Account users. Following the configuration and authentication of the credentials, users are able to use the Microsoft online services including Microsoft Exchange Online and online Dynamics 365.

User Identities (User ID)

User ID or user identities are provisioned by end users in the Microsoft cloud services. All those managed and non-federated users who have registered themselves to create an Office 365 account gain access to the web services by entering their personalized User ID credentials.

Federation of Active Directory Identities

Using federation, all applications can be connected to the online Microsoft Dynamics 365. The Active Directory-based domain allows users to access the Microsoft Online Services domain. Once the federation is configured, the active-directory-based system user accounts are locally managed, synchronized, and made available to Microsoft Online Services. Thus, Identity Management is useful for large-scale corporations having thousands of established users.

Ease of Identity Management with Microsoft Account

Microsoft Account remains the supported identity provider for online Dynamics 365. The customers of the online Dynamics 365 solution who have not yet subscribed for Office 365 can still access online Dynamics 365 through the Microsoft Account.

Instance Security Groups

In the event of your organization having multiple online Dynamics 365 instances, you can jumpstart to using those security groups for controlling the licensed users’ population from accessing particular instance or instances.

Geographic Proximity

The amalgamation of the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 capabilities facilitate a total transformation of the Office ecosystem to the Dynamics 365 platform. Using the transparent Dynamics 365 framework, you can view everything like thestatus of corporate relationship with your affluent clients, access crucial business information on different files (Excel, Word, PowerPoint);check event calendar from remote destinations and other similar collaborative tasks.

Email Tracking for Non-stop Communication

The Office 365 email application with its enhanced ability allows you to catch hold of the customer interactions at every level. With email application, all of your email folders are merged into the Dynamics 365 and this enables you to automatically track your outgoing and incoming emails.

Reach out to Raybiztech to initiate your MS Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 and achieve maximum business integrity.

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