Microsoft Dynamics GP Compliance Management

The codeless platform known as Microsoft Dynamics GP Compliance & Risk Management is a scalable, affordable, drag and drop business process automation (BPA) framework that enables your organization to comply with the qualitative industry standards,  regional regulatory compliance procedures, and regulations laid by the government for performing most complex global business  operations in a  secured manner. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Compliance & Risk Management Suite functionally helps your establishment fulfill compliance and mitigate risks for preventing your company, and its fixed or variable assets from misplacement, unintentional annexation, and insecurities.  

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP Compliance Management

The functionality offers 360 degree view of your company activities and ensures that all the regulations are followed. You as the Microsoft Dynamics GP customer will draw commercial advantages listed as below:

Heavy Cost Reduction

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Risk Management Application helps reduce your cost of regulatory compliance for improving your organizational performance every fiscal year.

Sequential or Random Access to Data

The application brings together silos of data housed in different databases and repositories for you to undertake business without impediment.

Security Alerts

Your organization is likely to be exposed to a number of threats without Microsoft Dynamics GP Compliance Automation Suite. The functionality is serviceable in releasing business alerts to bypass those illegal attempts that may interrupt your QA procedures and performance specifications.

Electronic Signatures comes with Zero Risk Factors

Compliance Management in Dynamics GP offers you with the credence to use the advanced digital or electronic signatures.  The highly resistant e-signatures legally permit you to sign valuable credentials for business enablement while safeguarding you from intentional corporate scams and rip-offs.

Reporting Automation

With this, you’re able to schedule, refresh and deliver those reports generated by somebody to specific places at a regular interval. You’ll benefit from the structured reporting tools that will help you monitor and manage your infinite list of business processes along with assets.

Audit Trails

The smart audit trail feature makes everything possible for you. It traces out the minute changes in the data stored in the resident or third-party software. It generates multiple business critical tables that reflect voluminous business transactions conducted by your company.

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