Ray Business Technologies 13 years celebration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers and Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers and Consultants

Our mission statement to empower enterprise capabilities motivates us to help organizations leverage their processes with cutting-edge tools. Raybiztech, as a Microsoft Partner, has reaped proven expertise, riding on a team of confident and well-versed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers and Consultants. The resources are capable and well-versed with workflow assemblies, VS environment, and web resources, to deliver a dynamic ERP experience.


We have hit a cumulative experience of thousands of man-hours in the relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development practice, and specialized in turning around ventures with full-blown CRM and ERP capabilities. Raybiztech clientele spans diverse B2B and B2C firms that have achieved proud milestones with some of our amazing projects, thanks to the team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers and Consultants.

Skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers and Consultants

  • Automate tasks inside Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • Apply relevant business logic with swift Dynamics 365 plug-ins
  • Efficient Web APIs directed at maximizing end-user engagement
  • Resources with a meritorious track record with elite technology clients
  • Metadata retrieval and debugging custom workflows in dynamic environment
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