Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Pricing Plans

Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Pricing Plans

While the Enterprise edition is optimized towards robust ERP and CRM capabilities meant for firms with over 250 employees, the Business edition is targeted at small-and-medium-sized businesses; though individual users can access PowerApps. Specific sales, marketing, and customer service apps will be released with Business Edition in the near future.


While choosing a deployment strategy, business owners and stakeholders can effectively consider the criteria such as timeline, best fit, process, and schedules; and the 365 Business Edition will offer the most desired option, among the several choices available as part of the Microsoft Dynamics stack.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in two editions:

  • Business
  • Enterprise

Some of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition highlights:

Thanks to Microsoft planning ahead and fast to release new vertical extensions, Business Central will offer a strategic opportunity for core Dynamics SAV partners. This will allow for specific ERP offerings – stored over the cloud - suitable for individual industries or service areas.

Dynamics 365 solution licensing can be procured in two steps:

The stakeholders must decide whether they are looking for an exclusive CRM solution, or one bundled with an ERP?


Determine the permissions and user roles assigned, based on the number of users logged to the application. Choose the most optimum license option at specific levels along with technical prowess of the users.


The Dynamics 365 Business Edition is licensed via an official Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. Cost for Business Central licenses are as follows:


Team member licensing offers a Read access, along with limited Write access with meager scheduling across the Dynamics 365 Business Central suite. The ‘read' permission would apply across the core or bulk of Team Members. However, the Write permission is extended to the individual application based on white-listed scenarios.


The Essentials User is allowed a stable access across the functions in order achieving the desired consistency in supply chain management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, and Finance. The company and team members must be held accountable for the components of the application, and implement a solution in a way that allows associates to assist in customer engagement.


A full User Premium licensing fee offers access to all the features and functionalities of the Essentials version, in addition to production and service management.


The ‘Premium' Microsoft dynamics 365 licensing version enhances the ERP application with two additional efficient components, which include service management and production. The Dynamics 365 Business Edition is meant to be the single convergence of mid-market business solutions rolled out by Microsoft.


According to the firm, the current pricing changes are incorporated keeping in view the cloud-first strategy. It will help add consistency and enable several players to move from a program-centric to customer-centric pricing structure, according to a statement from the Microsoft Partner Network.


The firm reportedly did not do as expected in the last quarter, and analysts say the pricing model of the Dynamics 365 edition seems to point to an upward trend. The announcement was directed towards a reduction in overall fees, and the pricing model was adjusted at the same time to depict how marketers used the product.

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