Usability Testing Services

Usability is deeply affected by every decision in design and development. Therefore, our usability testing services take an iterative process approach that continues through the life of the software. Raybiztech's usability evaluation techniques make use of various Usability Evaluation methods that include Usability Testing, Usability Inspection and Usability Inquiry.

We follow a systematic mode of observing actual users working on an application, collecting information about the specific ways in which the application is easy or difficult for them to learn and use. This practical approach to our Usability Evaluation ensures that the product is successful and not just working correctly. Our Usability Testing services measure various aspects including but not limited to the following:

usability testing
  • How much time the tester/user and system took to complete basic flow?
  • How much time people take to understand the system (per object) and how many mistakes they make while performing any process/flow of operation?
  • How fast the user becomes familiar with the system and how fast he/she can recall the system's functions?
  • And the most important: how people feel when they are using the system?

Raybiztech's usability testing strategies produce tangible and measurable benefits.

Raybiztech Usability Testing offers many benefits to both users and application development companies. Benefits to users include increased pace of learning, decreased user task time, errors and increased job satisfaction. Development companies benefit through providing less technical support and training to users, improved management of risks associated with usability rework as well as improved user acceptance. Our customers are also able to develop applications faster and cheaper since only relevant functionality is produced and they can identify designs, which are effective and match the requirement. Benefits of web usability include increased sales, increased traffic and improved user productivity and features usage.

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