RoundWire Customer Retention management

Customer Retention is the key to any organization's ability to grow profitably. RoundWire™ customer retention management is a scalable and flexible platform that allows you to capture customer interactions. These interactions can be analyzed to identify your most valuable customers and unprofitable customers. One can also predict customer churn based on the customer interactions.

RoundWire™ allows you to integrate with your existing solutions to capture the customer touch points such as emails, customer service desks and support calls.

  • Powerful analysis engine to predict customer behavior
  • Ability to calculate customer life time value
  • Identify most valuable and unprofitable customers
  • Predict customer churn and take proactive actions
  • Ability to integrate with your existing solutions
  • Enables retailers to proactively engage disconnected customers
  • Analytics to identify and retain key customers
  • Alerts for soft-disconnect and hard-disconnect customers.
  • Enables retailers to track customers and previous interaction notes
  • Custom users and roles
  • Management Reporting and Dashboards
  • Intuitive recovery program specifically targeted to your non-users
  • Quick and easy account setup and maintenance through the online client portal
customer retention management solution

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