LeadXpress ERP

Accurate and reliable lead management is the key to maintaining a successful marketing network. But that is not the only reason why Raybiztech LeadXpress™ stands apart from other Lead Management applications. Custom reporting, defined control over administration roles and easy to use third party pixel and creative asset management consoles are just a few of the additional feature benefits that differentiate the LeadXpress™ platform.

LeadXpress’s powerful and highly customizable lead management platform offers ability to capture leads from multi-channel campaigns and allocate them to appropriate owners. It offers you the flexibility to define custom lead capture parameters and manage the lead properties based on source channel on-demand. Its lead capture and lead allocation modules are powerful and highly customizable allowing user to assign an incoming lead to a sales team, another company or to another system.

The significant features of LeadXpress™:

  • Powerful lead processing engine
  • Faster, more feature-rich, and user-friendly
  • Flexible and Scalable yet uncompromisingly reliable and accurate with multi-threading programming, Scalable to process millions of leads per day
  • Ability to define custom lead capture and lead allocation processes
  • Resilient and scalable architecture to accept very high number of requests
  • Built on reliable Microsoft .Net Technology
  • APIs available for all platform for easy integration
  • 100% tracking accuracy
  • Capture data via Form Post, query string or XML.
  • Allow affiliates to post data directly into your campaign database
  • Priority and round-robin style data distribution
  • Custom data capture fields
  • Send consumers to custom success or error pages
  • Populate consumer lead data into success and error pages
  • Scrubbing Leads Against Do Not Call and Housing Database
  • Automatically generate posting instructions
  • Posting instructions page allows affiliates to test and debug their posting prior to going live.
  • Data response to affiliates/consumers and Send email auto responders to consumers
  • Agile Architecture that adjusts to growing businesses demands
  • Live Reports and Management Dashboard

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