Enterprise Campaign Management

Customer mind-share is the most valuable asset that marketers fight for. Marketers run campaigns to win customer mind-share.

Campaign management includes definition, planning, execution, optimization, and tracking of marketing campaigns. Marketers create targeted, personalized campaigns across all communications channels, including direct sales, call centers, mail, e- mail, online and mobile. They also design entire communications track customer responses. A well-implemented campaign management solution enables marketers to:

  • Send targeted and personalized offers through various marketing channels.
  • Execute marketing activities through all possible channels such as direct mail, e-mail, phone, online, and SMS.
  • Leverage the insights from previous interactions to make the follow up interactions more relevant and personalized.
  • Take advantage of online marketing channels to plan, develop, and execute e-mail marketing campaigns.

Marketing teams design and execute campaigns inform customers and drive them to action from time to time. The biggest challenge for the marketing teams is to find out what marketing dollars are driving better conversions. To measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, marketers need an optimal multi-channel campaign management solution. Executing such multi-channel campaigns using a sophisticated tool offers the following benefits to the marketers:

  • Faster time-to-launch for campaigns with overall reduction in planning and design phases due to better collaboration
  • Optimize the costs and allocate them to the most efficient channels
  • Improve conversions by profiling and targeting appropriate contacts
  • Enhance customer experience and loyalty by offering suitable services
  • Leverage cross-channel marketing opportunities

Raybiztech enables you to run your multi-channel campaigns effectively either by creating a custom application or by implementing off-the-shelf products such as Raybiztech Campaign, SAS Marketing Automation, SAP CRM, Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and Vtiger. Our team of consultants and engineers can work with marketers and the creative team to produce biggest bang for buck for your campaigns. They will assist in in campaign definition, planning, campaign execution and campaign analysis.

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