Embedded Systems

Ray Business Technologies' Embedded Systems Division (“ESD”) designs, develops and delivers Embedded Solutions and Services to customers in Telecom, Law & Defense, Automotive, and Consumer Electronics sectors. We provide innovative product design services including complete system design, software and hardware implementation, verification and testing.

Our design and implementation services for multimedia solutions such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Image Processing, Video Processing, Audio and Video Recording, Audio and Video Playback, Codec Development, GPS Integration, WLAN and Bluetooth Integration.

Our expertise ranges across various processor families and hardware platforms, such as:

  • Processor Families: ARM, ADSP, TI OMAP, TI DaVinci, MIPS and FreeScale iMX Series
  • GUI Development: Qt, OpenGL, OpenVG, MiniGUI and Android GUI framework
  • RTOS and Mobile Hardware: VxWorks, QNX, BMP, ucLinux, RTX, uCOS III and Android

Our projects involved development based on hardware target platforms involving Beagle, DaVinci Processors, FreeScale SabreLite and Atheros Wireless System on Chips. We are currently providing development and Testing Services in LSP (Linux support Packages), BSP (Board Support Packages) and applications supporting Digital Video Mirrors, DVRs and other Embedded Multimedia products. We also develop Qt Applications targeted at Embedded Products.

Our Embedded System Technology Team can assist with:

  • Product development, porting, enhancement and testing of Software stacks in Multimedia, Streaming, TCP/IP, Wireless, Bluetooth, and other embedded communication technologies
  • Offshore partner for solution development and support
  • Developing Products with TI, FreeScale and Atheros processors/SoCs. We also develop, test and support drivers, Board Support Packages and Linux Support Packages for these processors
  • WLAN Access Point technology solutions involving tools, applications and drivers for Stations, Access Points, Wi-Fi Direct and protocol level. We can also assist you in Bluetooth Access Points. Integration of Wi-Fi chipsets supporting SDIO, USB, PCI and AMBA 2 and AMBA 3 interfaces with various processes.
  • Develop of applications on Linux involving multimedia like Video capture, Streaming, Image processing
  • Development of drivers for Cameras and DVI receivers, which use the iMX IPU and VPU processors.
  • Development of root file system based on Busybox, wrapper applications, which communicate and process data for standard drivers involving capture, display, streaming and TCP/IP stack.

What we offer:

- My ASP.NET Application
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