Apr 23

SharePoint Integration with Dynamics CRM drives business performance

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The might of Dynamics CRM combined the agility of SharePoint tools is here to churn out wonders. With changing technology landscape and the needs of modern-age customers, an enterprise calls for better workflow management, closer collaboration among the employees, and tools to automate and drive process efficiency.

Technology business leaders have realized the key benefits of leveraging Dynamics CRM by integrating with the SharePoint platform to draw maximum mileage in terms of IT efficiency and overall operations. Rather than using Microsoft Notes, the SharePoint integration will go a long way in storing documents.

With the introduction of integration with Dynamics CRM, SharePoint enables storage of information in the form of a Dynamics CRM record. It also allows sharing and viewing version history, changing document properties; and utilizing the SharePoint document management feature for conducting regular check-in/check-out.

One can also configure Dynamics 365 that serves as an ideal utility to store documents other than usual attachments. A dedicated SharePoint location shows specific documents associated with the current record.

Integrating SharePoint with Dynamics CRM effectively will yield few crucial benefits:

Cost-Effective Security: For non-CRM users, the need for an exclusive license is eliminated, as the default licensing grants them access to customer information. The access to individual documents is made secure by virtue of administrator permission, powered by specific privileges accorded by SharePoint.

Linking entities: The various entities of a Dynamics CRM can be linked for better coordination. For example, kits and licensing information, as well as customer-facing documents can be mapped to a specific process. Additionally, price lists, product FAQs, and marketing flyers can have the current SharePoint folder URL appended to.

Customer reach: SharePoint enables businesses to talk to the bulk of their audiences by collaborating amongst the workforce for a focused and targeted pitch involving relevant information that prompts the potential buyer. This can ultimately convert cold calls into sales, thereby boosting prospects of higher ROI.

Document Management: Once you integrate SharePoint, tagging locations with respective URLs within the CRM becomes all the more efficient. Manage your documents with powerful capabilities spanning version control, check-in/check-out, advanced storage tools, and set up advanced documents review and approval workflows.

Customizations: SharePoint integration will allow powerful customizations across a number of portals in order to appeal to consumers in more than one ways. The out-of-box personalized content – including product-related information and associated frequent queries - are delivered to the customer within required time-frame.

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