Jul 21

Planning deployment prerequisites and considerations

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This section contains lists of what you must have before you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM, such as needed hardware and software. Use this section for preparing your network and to make sure that all requirements are satisfied before you run Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup.

In this section, the following topics are discussed:

Hardware and software requirements. A brief overview of the computer hardware and software requirements, and where you can find more information about the requirements.

Active Directory considerations. Supported Active Directory forest and domain modes.

SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services installation and configuration. A summary of how Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services must be deployed and configured to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Planning Exchange Server or POP3. A summary of how Exchange Server or a POP3-compliant e-mail server must be deployed to install and use the E-mail Router to send and receive Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail messages.

Security considerations. Information about how you can make the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system more secure.

Supported configurations. Information about the supported network, domain, and server configurations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. How Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrades your current system and what happens to items such as existing reports and customizations.


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