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Managing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation project

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As you plan your implementation, the first step is to determine the project scope. Because the tasks depend on the complexity of your implementation project, this section of the documentation divides implementations into two categories:

  • Rapid implementation. Expect to spend 30 work days if you are doing a rapid implementation that requires minimal customization, no migration of source data or integration with other applications, and training up to ten users.
  • Measured or Full implementation. Expect to spend 60 work days for a medium-to-large implementation, with much of the additional time spent in planning. A large business with multiple locations will experience different challenges than a smaller business with one location and only a few users.
  • Experience has shown that those organizations that use the methods discussed in this section achieve their implementations successfully and in a timely manner. Beyond these two categories, implementations that have extensive data migration and customizations may take more than 60 days.

Tools for project management

The following tables describe tools that you can modify and use for managing your implementation project. For project plans, two versions are provided: one for rapid implementations, and one for measured or full implementations. These tools are available for download at Microsoft Dynamics CRM Planning Tools. More information about project management can also be found in the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology.

Project planning tools

Tool Description
Project Plan Rapid (.xls) An Excel worksheet for creating the implementation schedule for rapid implementations.
Project Plan (.xls) An Excel worksheet for creating the implementation schedule for measured implementations.
Assessing Implementation Capacity (.doc) A document that has questions to help you determine whether your organization has sufficient resources for implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or whether a consultant is required.
Estimating Implementation Time (.doc) A document of guidelines for determining how long an implementation is likely to take.
Project Scope (.doc) A document that has questions to determine the scope of the project, based on rough estimates of the customization required and the state of your current IT infrastructure.
Rapid Implementation Guidelines (.doc) A document that contains guidelines for when a rapid implementation is appropriate.
Test Case Template (.doc) A sample form to use for people testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM before deployment.
Go Live Checklist (.doc) A checklist for tasks that must be finished before you deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Server Tracking Form (.doc) A form for documenting server and network configuration.
Responsibility Checklist (.doc) A checklist of all areas that need owners, to guarantee that Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to work well after the implementation.
Project Review Survey (.doc) An agenda for a project review meeting to be held when Microsoft Dynamics CRM is deployed.

Project status tools

Tool Description
Project Status (.doc) A sample project status form that you can use to report on status.
Weekly Summary (.xls) A sample weekly log sheet.

Change management tools

Tool Description
Scope Change Log (.doc) A sample scope change form that you can use to track scope changes.
Scope Change Request Form (.doc) A sample scope change request form that business managers can use to request scope changes.
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