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CRM 2011 Email Router Installing Guide

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CRM 2011 Email Router Installing Guide

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online E-mail Router is a software component that creates an interface between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Exchange Online, SMTP, or a POP3-compliant e-mail server. After the E-mail Router is installed, it transfers e-mail messages to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, and it sends outgoing e-mail messages that users created in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online stores e-mail messages as activity records. These e-mail activity records are stored in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and include both the contents of the e-mail message, such as the text of the message and its subject line, and relevant associations with other Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online records.

For example, when a salesperson replies to a customer about a case, the salesperson creates an e-mail activity record that includes the text of the message, plus information associating the e-mail activity record with the correct case record.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

You can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook to perform the following tasks:

Deliver received e-mail messages to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Send e-mail messages that are generated from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook does not require the E-mail Router to process Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail messages. This means that, if all of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM users in your organization use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, you need not install the E-mail Router.

E-mail Router

The E-mail Router performs the following tasks:

Routes incoming e-mail messages to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sends e-mail messages generated from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The E-mail Router is required for users or queues that do not use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook. The E-mail Router can be installed on various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. For a list of supported Windows versions, see Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router software requirements in the Planning Guide. The computer on which you install the E-mail Router must have a connection to a Microsoft Exchange Server or to a POP3/SMTP e-mail server.

The E-mail Router contains the following components:

The E-mail Router service (“Microsoft CRM Email Router”) and the E-mail Router configuration files.

The E-mail Router Configuration Manager. You use this wizard to configure the E-mail Router service.

The Rule Deployment Wizard. This wizard lets you deploy rules that are used to route e-mail messages to a forward mailbox from the mailbox of a user or queue. The Rule Deployment Wizard does not work with POP3/SMTP e-mail servers. For more information, see “Deploy inbox rules” in Configure the E-mail Router in this guide.

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