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By Vijay Bitra

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 help with Customer Retention?

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Customer retention is critical for a company's growth, and it is what makes a business stand out from the rest in this competitive business landscape. Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of customer retention and instead focus on new customer acquisition. A proper customer retention strategy can benefit a company far more than acquisition.

10 Ways Dynamics 365 can help you improve Customer Retention

1. Personalized Customer Communications and Responses

Personalizing communication with your customers can help you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions give you access to all of the data in each customer's record. You will be able to use Dynamics 365 to retrieve information about previous interactions, buying habits, preferences, marketing approaches, and other data that will allow you to personalize your messages and responses accordingly.

2. Customer Information across the Organization

When any of your customers place a query via phone, email, website, or social media, you should be able to respond quickly. The Dynamics 365 solution gives you a clear picture of your customer's issue and helps you improve your relationship with them. It provides immediate access to all relevant customer information throughout the organization.

3. Proactively Communicate with Customers and provide Rapid Response

When your customers encounter an issue or a problem, they want to contact you as soon as possible so that the issue can be resolved. Dynamics 365 users can enable you to view and manage the request, as well as respond to it quickly. It also allows the customer to post a support ticket. Following that, you will be able to set up workflows and generate an email acknowledgment to assure the specific customer that the request has been received and addressed.

4. Improved Data Functionality with a centralized view of the customer

Dynamics 365 provides a centralized view of your existing customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM creates a centralized view of your customers through role-based views, which bring together different customer views specific to various roles across the business (sales, services, marketing), allowing for easy analysis and efficiency.

5. Advanced Integration of Customer Data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a set of technical features that make it simple to consume and transfer data. Dynamics 365 includes the ability to present information to users without duplicating it in the system, as well as embedded data analytics and Power BI KPIs. It also enables users to navigate directly to or from customer screens and information in other systems when necessary.

6. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to detect patterns and recommend actions or automate workflows to assist your team in making sense of the data. It allows you to make recommendations on how to deliver customer retention campaigns. You can connect Power Platform's virtual agent tools or any other frameworks to leverage the full power of machine learning and deploy to any market.

7. Enhance your Organizational Productivity

Based on the customer's purchase history and other data, Dynamics 365 makes recommendations and identifies opportunities to cross-sell or upsell additional products or services. The solution serves as the most effective customer retention system by monitoring customer behavior and identifying selling opportunities in order to make recommendations based on ongoing customer needs.

8. Bring your marketing, sales, and customer service teams together to provide a seamless Customer Experience.

The key to a successful customer experience is to provide exceptional customer service. When multiple teams are involved, however, the same can become misaligned, resulting in a breakdown in communication and unsatisfied customers. Dynamics 365 provides the tools required for servicing teams to deliver a tailored customer experience while keeping your sales and marketing teams in the loop with complete visibility. This allows your teams to keep track of any customer requests or complaints and collaborate with the other teams to promote and improve customer retention.

9. Easily Segment and Target Customers

With the most up-to-date customer information available in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can manage the marketing communications that all of your customers receive. Customer insights and segmentation can be used to improve effectiveness and enrich the experience with data and processes in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

10. Customer Service Performance using Metrics

With so many efforts to retain customers, you need to know if your efforts are yielding any benefits to your process and the business. Dynamics 365 enables you to collect timely customer feedback scores by sending survey forms in an automated email after your team has resolved an issue. These feedback reports can be used to assess performance and take corrective action if any issues are identified.

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