Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration with BI

Though MS Dynamics NAV (Navision) is popularly known as the master ERP (enterprise resource planning), people still feel that its built-in reporting system declines to support the visibility elements. Its for this purpose, Dynamics NAV 2017 integration with Microsoft Power BI or Business Intelligence was devised. Embedded Power BI is a suite of analytical tools that provides World-class visuals to your most mattered company information. Almost all of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions (Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics NAV 2015, and Dynamics NAV 2013 R2) positively respond to the high yielding BI integration for the refurbishment of your business.

Challenges & Constraints

Before integration, the solution was failing to perform error-free data analytics. It was unable to synchronize itself with diverse dashboards for gaining access to the data. Absence of the Power BI in Dynamics NAV had restricted the corporate users to limit their infinite reporting needs. The aggregate data within the email client or elsewhere couldn’t have been clubbed using the single location.

Benefits of the Integrated Solution - Dynamics NAV BI

Dynamics NAV BI offers Agile Reporting

Enterprise-level BI platform known as DataSelf Analytics is designed for the top cadre executives, sale crew and other members who want to access data using diverse dashboards. The easy-to-use virtual consultant keeps over 5,000 reports, dashboards and KPIs in its repository for managing your reporting needs in the absence of the IT support. It amplifies your BI strength for addressing the Data Analytics needs of your enterprise.   

Integration can Achiever more than your Expect  

Integration like this can make the users go ahead of the Microsoft Reporting Services and Excel-based Reporting Services. It allows decision makers or technology obsessed CEOs to access NAV data along with the data from the other systems like MRP, CRM, POS, WMS, PMS, websites, and external payroll applications.

Integration Absolutely Affordable

The BI integration with Dynamics NAV applies industry-standard components such as Tableau, MS SQL Server, MS Excel Pivot Table, OLAP Cubes, MS Reporting Services, Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL), and MS SharePoint for data discovery, in-memory analytics, multi-dimensional consolidation, data mining, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting so on and so forth.

Default Dashboards for Data Retrieval

Microsoft Power BI tools in Dynamics NAV can systematically gather the data from a wide range of sources. All data in the email client, web analytics or in the supply chain can be aggregated from a single location for your benefit.

BI Dynamics NAV Dissolves the Risks

The integration provides a single evidence of truth for many retailers, distributors and others to increase profitability without subjecting to risks of any nature.

Feature Pack of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Intelligence

  • Visually stunning pictographs are the unique features that are added with the integration of Power BI NAV 2017. It provides interactive reporting such as pictures, pie charts, graphs, funnel charts, bubble charts, geographic maps, data tree maps, and insights within the user’s Role Center
  • Self-service Reports in Power BI empowers you to self-create the reports using trusted data source for making informed decisions
  • NAV 2017 BI ‘Content Pack’ is collected with sample reports, demos & interactive environment for you to edge over the others
  • BI Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 & corresponding NAV versions are capable of capturing colossal data including your organization's financial sales figures, purchases, inventory, operational expenses, staff salaries, actual & budgeted amounts for several periods
  • Create or set up new account schedules, delegate rows/columns, assign predefined columns to account schedules, & create account schedule columns for the calculation of the percentages
  • Test company’s financial performance by setting KPIs based on account schedules that you may later publish on the web or port the same on Microsoft Excel through web services
  • Create or update new analysis reports for viewing the sales, purchases, inventory, or set up analysis templates
  • BI Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses XBRL (International standardization) for importing taxonomies & reports between organizations. It helps in replacing the old Paper-based reports into digital forms
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